QUICK! Use This Powerful Emotional Management Tool

Trekking through rice fields in UbudWhy Losing My Suitcase Whilst Travelling Made Me Happier.

True story … in a moments complacency I lost my suitcase minutes before boarding a flight to Bali. Although initially there was a moment of panic, I was easily able to overcome the emotional nightmare of losing all my belongings with little, if any frustration or anger whatsoever.


It’s seems only fitting that one of the four books I was left with after losing my suitcase at the airport in Sydney was called ‘Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown.

It would seem that I was going to be thrust into the life of an essentialist, not by choice, by destiny!

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Meet August Member Of The Month Simon Baldock

Simon Baldock (1)Like So Many, He Was Frustrated After Having An Extremely Horrible Experience At Another Local Gym.

Frustrated and in pain he had suffered a severe back injury after performing supervised deadlifts at Fitness First and he literally limped in for his fitness strategy session with Rad.

After joining, Simon faced more frustration when we insisted he start in our beginner kickstart program even tho he had previously been able to advance onto more difficult exercises and programs.

In this article you’ll find out what went wrong, plus why what happened next totally changed him!

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Are You An Addict? 

Be Honest … Because If You Can Answer ‘YES’ To This Question Then You Can Also Use This Insanely Simple Strategy To Create Levels Of Success Most People Only Dream About.

What I’m going to reveal in this article has the power to totally flip your addictions around by utilising the chemical reactions that occur in your brain as highly effective tools to harness incredible levels of productivity and personal success!

Addicted to alcohol man drinking alone at the bar

True story … I was once seriously addicted to recreational drugs and alcohol, and I used this exact strategy to create incredible levels of success in health and fitness and in my profession.

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STOP Beating Yourself Up!

Fight Club Movie PosterThe BIG Mistake Commonly Made By Most Corporate Professionals That Completely Derails Any Health Program

We’ve all seen the movie Fight Club right?

But I don’t think Brad and Edward really wanted you to mimic their behaviour or take them seriously.

What am I talking about …

So many corporate professionals and business executives are making a solid effort to regain their health by exercising.

Normally I’d say great! Continue on the path to better health my good friends.

But the problem is …

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Ultimate Exercise 4 Toning & Strengthening Your Legs

This Blog Shows You Exactly How To Do One Of The Most Popular And Most Effective Physique Transformation Exercises EVER!

The High Barbell Back SquatIncludes Video Tutorial

I’m talking about the highly popular High Barbell Back Squat.

It’s true … squatting is the mother of all exercises, and we absolutely love them at Unity Gym. In the Foundation Movement System we use a myriad of different squatting techniques to tone and strengthen the lower body.

But did you know, squatting actually trains most of the core muscles too?

Let me explain why, and how …

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Stop: Anyone Who Sits At A Desk MUST Read This!

If You’re A Corporate Professional Who Sits At A Computer Desk During The Day For Periods Longer Thank 20 Minutes You Really Need To Take 5 Minutes And Read This Important Post.


Your working conditions can be seriously painful … No I’m not referring to your crazy long

hours or annoying work colleague.

I’m talking about the risks you face due to environmental adaptations.

Whether you exercise or not, here me out.

If you fail to establish some very specific strengths you put your body at extreme risk of injury or joint and muscle pain.

Guess what?

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Meet July’s Member Of The Month – Julie Hilder

File 5-07-2016, 9 16 44 PMThis month was extremely tough because we had five people in the running for the member of the month award. In the end, we had to look at all areas including who had put in the most effort, was the most consistent with their training, who had embraced the principles of the Foundation Movement System and who had brought the best energy to the gym community every single visit.

It was exceptionally close, between a few great, energetic people, but we are thrilled to award Julie the coveted foundation movement system member of the month trophy, having ticked all the boxes!

Julie joined on the 17th Mar 2016 and in the past 3 months she has come a long way. Originally starting in the Kickstart program and recently graduating into our Fitness Elite advanced FMS program.

Although she tells me she hates the spotlight, I was able to get a little time with her and this is what she said …

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Would You Like To Fix Back Pain?

Or How About Improving Your Squat Or Deadlift In The Gym?

handsome man feeling pain in back. Businessman suffering from back pain at office

Read on to find out exactly how, plus, we’re offer an exclusive opportunity for 26 lucky readers …

One of the big problems I see in the gym is people trying to do squats and deadlifts with extremely poor posterior chain coordination; meaning they can’t properly control the muscles supporting their lower back.

This is extremely dangerous, and often the reason why people injure their lower backs!

Let me explain why …

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Do You Suffer From Shoulder Pain Or An Injury?

How Would You Like To Tone & Strengthen Your Shoulders Without Causing More Pain?

Businessman with neck pain after long hours at work

In this blog we’ll give you a battle plan for overcoming shoulder problems, plus a great demo of the Standing Single Arm Shoulder Press from the Foundation Movement System which we use to work around shoulder injuries.

Shoulders are one of the most commonly injured areas of the body, second only to the lower back …

Why do you think this happens?

That’s a really great question. Before I give you the answer let’s take a quick look at what can cause shoulder injuries and then I’ll show you exactly how to avoid, or fix them with an easy, beginner through to advanced level movement we’ve used with hundreds of people at Unity Gym in our Foundation Movement System.

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The 3 Simple Steps To Achieving A Level Of Health Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Free happy woman enjoying nature sunset. Freedom, happiness and enjoyment concept of beautiful multiracial Asian Caucasian girl in her 20s. Image from Grand Canyon, United States.

As a personal trainer working in the fitness industry since 2004 I’ve had plenty of time to ponder why certain people achieve high levels of health whilst other attempt too, but fail.

There’s a myth going around that you should have balance between the healthy things you do, and your regular lifestyle. Indicating that practicing health is alien to regular behaviour.

The thing is, the people who are healthy are healthy period. Their whole life is healthy. Of course they do have some times where they do unhealthy things and think unhealthy thoughts, but most of the time, they are healthy … It’s just a part of their lifestyle.

IllnessIn my 12 years experience delivering personal training services in north sydney, so long as you treat health as an extrinsic factor in your life you will remain unhealthy and eventually, once your body finally gives out, you will fall victim to disease.

This usually occurs around the age of 35 to 40 years old.

So considering this, is it hard to make the shift and become healthy?

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