Unity Gym is designed specifically for personal training with busy corporate professionals who value health and their time, tidiness and some privacy.

Unlike most over-crowded gyms that sign members by the thousands, we’ve meticulously calculated membership availability based on the exact floor space at Unity Gym so we're never crowded.

In addition, every piece of equipment has been hand picked or custom built to deliver our unique Foundation Movement System personal training program.

To ensure every single member has the most beneficial personal training session possible, we limit our memberships to 150 people.

This means you’re guaranteed to get the best possible personal training session and experience the utmost personal touch available.

We take pride in maintaining a tidy and organised personal training facility so you never have to waste your precious time searching for equipment. At Unity Gym, everything is always exactly where it should be.

Our equipment facilitates advanced mobility, strength training, calisthenics and gymnastics exercises.

Unity Gym has over 20 olympic barbells, the best dumbbells in the world, kettlebells, stall-bars, Swedish ladders, Olympic rings, climbing ropes, parallets and agility bands, plus 14 squat racks.

If you’re the type a person who’d rather stand than sit, maximise the use of your body utilising whole body, traditional training methods and allow your body to move naturally, (how nature intended) then Unity Gym and our revolutionary FMS personal training program will be a perfect for you.


The bathrooms at Unity Gym are like no other … Top class, comparable with a five star resort. ”

- Bill Morrow

Our individual, boutique bathrooms are fully self-contained where you enjoy can total privacy before or after your workout.

Our bathrooms were meticulously designed to provide the same luxury feel you would expect to see at a high end day spa or first class lounge.

Stocked with the best, organic soaps and soft fresh towels available on arrival, you will feel right at home when preparing for your day, or winding down afterwards.

Additional basins, hair dryers and hair straighteners are also provided in our unisex bathroom area, separate to the private bathrooms.

Each quarter we take 24 new people into the revolutionary FMS. The next quarterly intake opens soon. Book A Fitness Strategy Session today to reserve your place.