A. Our program is specially designed to support the highest standard in personal training services with the goal to achieve optimal health. For this reason our operating hours are set up to align with the bodies natural circadian rhythms and we do not open during times when the body is either preparing for or requiring sleep. Unity Gym Operating Hours:
  • Monday to Friday – 6:00am – 7:30pm
  • Saturday – Private Bookings Only
  • Sunday – Private Bookings Only
  • Regular Public Holidays – 9:00am – 12:00pm
  • Christmas, Boxing-Day, New Year’s Day & Easter – Closed
A. At this stage the priority is to determine if we are a good fit for one another.

Unlike most gyms, we work closely with each member to ensure your health and fitness goals are achieved. We also have a unique program and membership structure that doesn’t suit everybody.

So before we discuss prices we prefer to have an open discussion so that we both understand each other fully. This helps ensure we’ll meet your expectations and that you’ll be a good contribution to the gym culture.

Even tho we don’t list our membership fee’s on the website we’re happy to discuss them via a phone conversation. If you’d like to know more please call us on (02) 9922 6161 and we’ll be happy to chat or alternately, you can book a fitness strategy session and we’ll get in touch with you.
A. The Conditional Guarantee means that if you follow all aspects of the program accurately without achieving big improvements in flexibility, strength and body composition, we will refund you the entire program cost you have committed thus far.
A. No, the Foundation Movement System personal training program taught at Unity Gym is designed to make you fit! We have an assessment protocol that grades each participant beforehand and we will choose the program level that best suits your current skill, strength and flexibility.

The Foundation Movement System is suitable for all fitness levels. Even if you have a prior or existing injury, in which case we will start you off in our general preparation, conditioning program, which will include specific remedial exercises to assist recovery.

If you do have a current injury we will request consent to discuss the matter with your general practitioner or physiotherapist.

If you’re not currently working with a physiotherapist, we have an extensive network of physical therapists we work with regularly. We can refer you if necessary.
A. At Unity Gym we run a unique personal training scheduling system suited specifically to the busy corporate professional. Upon commencement of your program you will be allocated an exclusive training time to help make future planning of your personal agenda easy, predictable and consistent.

This system also ensure that the facility is never overcrowded, giving every individual an extra special experience when working out. Sessions times are subject to availability. All Training Sessions are 60 minutes in duration.
A. Yes, we have rowers and sled/sprint tracks, however no electronic cardio equipment (i.e. no treadmills or cross trainers). Why? At Unity Gym our primary focus to to support healthy muscle function and optimal human movement.

Muscle tissue regulates your metabolism and is the primary factor that sustains long term weight loss and overall health. Muscles are also secretory organs that produce powerful anti-aging hormones.

Our goal is to give every individual a high level of supervision through whole body movement exercises as nature intended to keep you strong, flexible, healthy, lean and young.

Note … If you are looking for a cardio theatre, we are not the right fit for you.
A. Yes. Supervised personal training during pregnancy is incredible important. Labour is by far the most difficult workout you will ever face as a woman. It’s highly recommended that you prepare yourself physically under the supervision of an experienced personal trainer. Unless you have experienced abnormal complications it makes no sense at all to cease your training during the build up to labour.

We have personal trainers with extensive experience in pre and post natal training programs having supported over 20 women through their pregnancies and postpartum. We’re often asked what the best exercise program is to do to regain your pre-natal body. 100%, the answer is always;

“the best exercise is the program you do prior to pregnancy and birthing your child.”

Speak to one of our expert personal trainers to notify them of your pregnancy so they can advise which program is best for you and can customise any workouts to suit.

Note … Always seek professional advice when considering an exercise program during pregnancy.
A. Program Periodisation is an organised approach to training that involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a program during a specific period. Meaning, instead of doing the same exercises over and over, we introduce new movements as you progress through your training experience to increase movement skill.

This challenges your brain and muscles in different ways and to ensure a constant progression in your level of fitness. Our annual program is periodised, which is referred to a macrocycle, and broken into 4, 12 week mesocycles.

The macrocycle consists of all 52 weeks of your annual plan and therefore includes 4 mesocycles which are like stages of a periodized training program. For example, mobility, endurance, strength and recovery.

A mesocycle represents a specific block of training that is designed to accomplish a particular goal. For example, a mesocycle that is specifically designed to enhance your skill in certain movement disciplines.

A microcycle is the shortest training cycle, typically consisting of a few weeks with the goal of facilitating a focused block of training. An example of this is an muscle hypertrophy or strength block.
A. Our personal training team will be happy to help you overcome your injury. We have highly qualified personal trainers boasting physiotherapy and sports science degrees.

Yani has been working in the industry since 2004 rehabilitating injuries and preparing everyday people for sports and athletic training programs. He has personal experience overcoming severe injuries including bulging discs and a grade 3 ACL rupture and meniscal tear, and even rehabilitated his own spinal fracture sustained after falling from a horse!
A. Simply click here to book a complimentary fitness strategy session. During your strategy session we will explore your fitness goals in more detail and help you choose a membership or training program to suit your needs and budget. If we are a good fit and you decide you’d like to join, you can complete the signup forms on the spot which takes about 5-10 minutes.

Note … We strongly suggest you bring your support network, spouse or partner with you to your strategy session so that everyone in the decision making process is aligned with your goals and understand the level of commitment required to join our programs.
A. NO, we have a strict 200 member capacity to ensure our facility caters perfectly for every individual. When you commit to a membership you reserve one of the limited places and an exclusive training time for the 12 month period.
A. We are human movement specialists and our equipment is very different from your average mainstream gym. Primarily, the facility is setup for natural whole body movements utilising traditional weight lifting disciplines (barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells) and calisthenics, gymnastics and functional mobility.

We are equipped to accommodate rehabilitation patients, pregnant women, beginner fitness levels through to elite level athletes training for improved performance.