Find Out How November’s Member Of The Month Lost Over 25kg Of Body Fat

Check Out His Incredible Transformation From 31.1% Body Fat To A Staggering 19.4%!

david-lion-transformationAnd he’s only just getting started!

David Lion is a true inspiration and a truly incredible human being. The story I’m about to share is extra special to me.

David and I (Yani) share a few things in common and I know personally what he’s had to overcome to achieve his huge transformation.

And it’s big!

In this article I would like to share what he did to transform his life and build a brand new body from the foundations up!

Because I think there’s a lesson in here for most of us.

Like many people David started at Unity Gym in 2014 wanting to lose some weight. As with many newbies to our community, he lacked confidence, knowledge and the support network to enable him to achieve the results on his own.

What David had to do to enable his amazing transformation is much deeper than just hard work in the gym. It was a shift in the most important area required to achieve optimal health. An area most people don’t even think about, and most personal trainers either don’t fully understand, or totally miss altogether.

I’m talking about mindset … how you think.

davidA big transformation only occurs after a total mindset shift. You must change the way you think about food, about exercise, about everything …
It wasn’t until David embraced change on a whole new level that he really started to see change in his body.
So what was the big mindset shift?

This is incredibly important. It’s usually the difference between success and failure. Particularly if you are trying to lose weight!


David learned to measure success much deeper than how he looked

The biggest revelation came when he begun focussing on his movement quality. Improvements in strength and flexibility became his benchmark. And step-by-step he moved closer to his personal goal of losing weight without even focussing on it.
So what happened next?

david-2Not only is David leaner and healthier than before, he’s also much stronger, more flexible and more coordinated. He now performs movements that most people would struggle to comprehend.
In a nutshell, he didn’t just exercise, he learned how to move!

Before I go into much more detail about his actual results, let’s hear what david has to say in his own words. Last week we caught up with him to chat about his incredible body and lifestyle transformation.

So David, what made you decide you wanted/needed to start at Unity Gym?

My dad had a stroke a few years back and I know how much that can change your life in an instant. The consequences of ignoring the red flags are huge!

I was 44, 120kgs and on way too much medication for someone my age and I thought this is crazy, I have to make a change or I know exactly where I was heading.

Wow, that’s gripping stuff – it’s very common to experience a big awaking, trauma in some cases before making the change yourself. So you needed motivation to get going, and keep going, so what was it exactly that you like about the FMS program here?

I love the focus on movement, when I joined my goal was weight loss and getting some energy back, I hadn’t even considered the importance of movement and flexibility, but having ease of movement enables you to get so much more out of life.

That in itself is such a huge awareness. Brilliant, so I will discuss your results in more detail at the end, for now, briefly share in your own words what you achieved since starting your training?

I have lost 25 kgs and I am down to 19% body fat and off all medication, but the best thing for me has been the elevation of my mood, I feel very positive and I am enjoying life these days and that is a complete turnaround from where I was a few years back.

Oh man, that stirs up emotions in me, more than you can believe. I know what it’s like to battle with emotional stuff from time to time. Its’ hard. It’s hard just to get yourself going. Coming off your meds and feeling good is exactly why we do what we do, so that’s a huge win for my team. Thank you for sharing such openly.

I will explain Davids DEXA scan results in detail at the end. Trust me you’ll want to hear it!

David, can you pinpoint what it is you like best about our facilities and training team here at Unity so others can see what separates us from the pack and makes us different?

Being a smaller gym with small groups really works because the trainers get to help everyone and no one is left out.

The trainers are brilliant, the support and guidance I have had over the 2 years has been amazing, the approach is really holistic so I’ve had help in all aspects and my life.

My lifestyle has completely turned around.

The team strive to learn as much as they can from the best sources and there is a real passion to help and share, just don’t ask Yani a health question if you are in a rush! ?

Haha, classic … I do like to talk about health related topics.

Ok, so originally you were sitting on the fence, not sure if you were ready to take that critical first step and join the community. Considering that, what would you say now to someone in a similar situation, who might be on the fence about joining our program?

I was definitely sitting on the fence. I remember coming in and having a meeting and then leaving it for a month before I decided to join.

I can’t remember what made me commit, but I am so glad I did.

It’s is literally the best health decision I ever made.

Wow, that’s a big call … That’s huge! Thank you mate. Ok, before I share your historic transformation DEXA etc., is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’d like to say a massive thank you to all at Unity for everything they have done for me and also in creating a gym with such a brilliant culture.

What took me back when I first joined was friendliness and camaraderie.

I’d not seen that at any other gym I had been to before and that really helped me a lot in the early days.

Yani and Rad took a risk and decided to go a different way to other gyms and I think it’s worked brilliantly.


david-lion-dexa-scan-pg1How did we measure David’s body fat% and weight?

Although we set benchmarks and measure success by how well people move, rather than how much they weigh on scales, we do also like to see what’s happening on the inside.

Therefore, part of our program requires regularly assessing body composition via DEXA scan, so we can measure success over a variety of variables including the obvious mobility, strength and skill, plus:

  • Body Fat%
  • Muscle Mass
  • Bone Density

Therefore every client is encouraged to have a DEXA scan immediately after joining and then every 90 days.


Here are the facts


In November 2014,  exactly 1 year and 6 months ago, after starting at Unity, David headed to Measure Up in Sydney CBD to measure his body composition and have his first ever DEXA scan.
His results were pretty standard for a guy who had neglected his health. Although not terrible, there was plenty of room for improvement.

In January after his initial DEXA, David weighed in at 115.6 kilograms with a body fat percentage of 31.1%.

david-lion-dexa2-scan-pg1So if we’re so focused on movement over physique, why do we need to assess DEXA?

Good question.

Having an accurate baseline to work with and a clear understanding of his metabolic requirements, allows us to calculate food to fuel his body properly. This helps David maintain his muscle mass, whilst adjusting and tweaking his exercise and diet to lose the unwanted fat easier.

In other words, after the DEXA scan David had everything he needed to totally transform his body.

And transform he did!