This Is How To Fix Shoulder Pain In 3 Simple Steps [Great Movement Tip]

This Is How To Fix Shoulder Pain In 3 Simple Steps [Great Movement Tip]

The shoulder is the most versatile joint in the body. It’s also the most vulnerable to injury …

Most people don’t realize but shoulder pain is usually always caused by tightness in the pecs. Tightness in the pecs is often caused by slouching in your chair at work.

You could say, anyone who sits at work is at higher risk of developing shoulder pain.

Especially when we try to lift weights in the gym.

Obviously this isn’t the only reason why shoulder pain occurs … but it’s one of the more common scenarios we deal with at Unity Gym.

So how do you fix it?

It’s often easier than you think.

Here’s three sure fire ways to overcome annoying shoulder pain that will totally prevent you lifting weight and achieving your goals.

Step 1 – Release the pecs and rotator cuff muscles

I’m a huge fan of massage and ART treatments. Most good physios, chiros or massage therapists will be able to help.

If that’s not an option … then use a massage ball (about the size of a hockey ball). Other great ways to release the pec and shoulder is to hang from a bar or rings. Gentle body weight hanging will decompress the spine, and open up your shoulders brilliantly.

Step 2 – Start progressively strengthening the rotator cuff

Initially, couple hanging, stretching and soft tissue therapy with basic internal rotation (IR) and external rotation (ER) movements. Dumbbells, cables or bands are great for this.

Once you’ve achieved a little more mobility, you’re ready to progress to anti-stability movements. The rotator cuff loves anti-stability pressing. Think inverted kettlebell press etc.

Step 3 – Integrate compound strength movements once pain free

The final step in your rehab is to introduce compound movements that will secure the rotator cuff and bulletproof your shoulders.

I’m a big fan of dumbbells in the beginning … that’s because each arm works as hard and there’s more instability using dumbbells than barbell. It also allows for healthy progression, as you transition to barbells. Movements like the chest press, incline press and overhead press are all great.

Pro tip … pair pressing movements with their opposing pull movement. I.e. aim for a 1:1 frequency ratio on horizontal push/pull, incline push/pull and vertical push/pull. This will keep your shoulders nice and balanced.

Good luck and let me know how you go …

To your limitless success,

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