How To Make Changes, When Change Is Hard

Recently in a conversation with my brother Rad, I was reminded of what we call the environment concept.

You are the reflection of your environment.

We were discussing what caused people to lose control of their health.

For many people this will cause conflict. You probably won’t agree with me. But you’ll learn something new anyway … so I’ll continue.

To a degree, everything we experience is self manifested.

Our environment is a direct reflection of who we are.

And we are the reflection of our environment.

We create it.

And it creates us!


Well … hear me out.

You have the choice to take, or refuse a job.

Sure, there’s consequences either way, but you do still make the choice.

You have the choice to stay in, or leave a relationship.

Again, consequences both ways of course.

You choose who you hang out with.

If you’re reading this article on your computer of smartphone, you have the ability to choose what you eat.

How much sleep you get.

And how you develop yourself personally.

And these choices, big, small … every one of them, over time shapes our reality.

If you’re starting to get my point … and all this is true, then you have to ask yourself,

“am I happy with the environment I have created for myself”?

Have my decisions and actions created an environment that I’m proud of?

Because weather you like it or not … you are the reflection of your environment.

I’m guessing no one really likes to view life this way. Because it means also taking extreme accountability right?

The thing is, Rad and I spend a lot of our time conducting fitness strategy sessions with our 30 Day Health Kickstart clients.

We even spend time doing this with people even if they’re not planning to join our gym long-term.

The goal with a fitness strategy session is to (as the name implies) create a strategy that will get you fit and healthy in the most appropriate time.

Doing this for a combined 30 years, we’ve found that until people take accountability for their choices, and acknowledge that they are a reflection of their own environment.

And at the same time … the choices they make (over time) have produced their environment.

They usually struggle to make changes.

The exact changes necessary to improve their health and fitness.

This is a really big deal … because we must consider everything.

  • Relationships
  • Circle of influence
  • Career choices
  • Diet choices

And this is where things get tricky for many people … often these aren’t things easily changed!

One of my friends, Dr Ross Walker (practicing cardiologist) once said to me,

“Getting healthy, (beating diseases, overcoming ill health), is not one big choice!

“It’s the hundreds of little choices made on a daily basis that (step-by-step), move us towards a better health.”

Who we choose to live with. Who we choose the hang around. What we choose to do with our careers. And of course, what we choose to eat and drink!

But it all starts with the awareness that you are a product of your choices … and you are a reflection of you environment … which is also a product of your choices!

And to change either, your choices must change first.

And often, your environment!

If this sounds overwhelming and difficult, it doesn’t have to be.

Because it all starts with one good choice!

Research and my personal experience shows that one good choice, will lead to another.

Getting started is actually quite simple …

Just ask yourself,

“What’s the one thing I could do right now that will have a domino effect on my health?”

Happy Friday everyone.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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