If you’re a corporate professional who’s sacrificed health for career and likes to challenge the status quo then we have a the perfect gym for you! Instead of boring exercise programs that barely scrape the surface of human capability, we teach you how to think, eat and move in ways that enable growth beyond your wildest dreams. By harnessing your body's natural capabilities, together, we will dramatically improve your movement and give you back the endurance, strength, flexibility and lean physique you had in your 20’s … most likely we will make you even better!

After all, that’s what you’re here for right?

It’s no secret that life changes as we grow older and wiser and with the change comes new responsibility. As we rise to the challenges that life brings we all go through a transition where our own health loses priority.

We’ve made it our mission to understand the specific needs of highly motivated corporate professionals. Unity Gym is a results based personal training gym; meaning, we give an exceptionally high level of support to every member through supervised personal training programs, ensuring you achieve your health and fitness goals.

You will start your journey with a fitness strategy session where we assess you as an individual and offer fitness strategies to suit you and your personal goals.

Using a revolutionary Foundation Movement System (FMS) that’s exclusive to Unity Gym, we provide the highest standard in movement progression and holistic personal training programming. Most importantly, we’ll review and discuss your goals regularly, progress your workouts when you’re ready and ensure you’re always getting the most relevant advice from our personal training team.

Importantly, every personal trainer at Unity Gym practices what they preach and follows the same Foundation Movement System.

The average person dies at 25, but they’re buried at 75! ”


There are 604,800 seconds in a week, that’s 10,080 minutes. We get you for a meager 300 of those at Unity Gym; if we’re lucky! The remaining 9,780 minutes is where the big breakthroughs happens.

To ensure you continue to progress, achieve and sustain your health and fitness goals we provide a personal training program that breaks down the important lifestyle interventions into bite sized pieces that you can implement step-by-step.

This includes personal training support for you 24/7, 365 days per year.

Because the difference between ultra success and mediocre is how you spend those other 9,780 minutes that you’re away from the gym, not working with our personal trainers.

Anyone can make improvements when their personal trainer is standing right beside them telling them exactly what to do and when to do it. The big breakthroughs occur outside of your regular personal training times.

If you are phenomenal, you will attract phenomenal ”

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30 Day Kickstart

Each quarter we take 24 new people into the revolutionary FMS. The next quarterly intake opens soon. Book A Fitness Strategy Session today to reserve your place.