30 Day Kickstart



Are you struggling for motivation? Maybe you've had to shift your focus to other areas of your life, like career, family or relationships. And now your health has suffered a little.

It's not your fault!

We know how demanding life can be and we specialise in understanding the unique pressures of a corporate lifestyle. That's exactly why brothers Yani and Rad Burmeister spent a combined 30 years designing the '30 Day Health Kickstart' program.

For people like yourself, in need of a health kickstart. To regain your vitality. To energise your body. And most importantly, to boost your motivation!

Our popular health kickstart is the perfect place to start for someone who's:

  1. Been out of the game for a while and in need of some support getting started again
  2. Tired of regular gym's that fail to deliver results and is ready to try something different
  3. Tried every mainstream training system & exercise program available & is still stuck in a plateau

The 30 Day Health Kickstart program provides a thorough introduction to our unique motivation, exercise and nutrition system that our clients are raving about … This will give you a great opportunity to come and see what makes Unity Gym so different from regular gyms.

Included In The Program

  • Special invite to our Health Kickstart Workshop to launch your program & fast-track your results
  • Exclusive weekly session times reserved just for you so you never have to wait for equipment
  • 3 to 5 supervised personal training sessions per week using our revolutionary exercise program
  • Specialised nutrition systems and goal specific meal plans to burn fat fast or build lean muscle
  • Online coaching videos to support your progress so you always know exactly what to do & when
  • 30 days of incredible lifestyle coaching that will change your life and the life of those around you

What You Can Expect

  • A revolutionary new nutrition system scientists are raving about that's proven to maximise fat burning, muscle building & brain function, whilst reversing disease and promoting cellular repair

  • Big Improvements in your posture, balance and core strength that will allow your body to function properly, free from restriction and pain as nature always intended

  • Healthy reductions in your total body fat percentage and impressive increases in lean muscle mass that will Improve your body composition and rebuild your confidence

  • You'll be bouncing through your days with HUGE improvements in your flexibility, mobility, strength, coordination, cardiovascular endurance, vitality, libido and energy levels

  • Massive reductions in joint stiffness and back, neck, shoulder or wrist pain common in modern corporate desk-bound workers & people who've received inadequate coaching

  • Most important … you'll get a monumental boost in motivation and a well deserved battery recharge with the support needed to drive you toward achieving your ideal healthy body

Completing the 30 Day Kickstart program at Unity Gym I lost 5.5 kilo’s and my flexibility levels went through the roof! I say, if you really want to change then definitely take this as the first step."

- Georgia Mournehis

Each quarter we take 24 new people into the revolutionary FMS. The next quarterly intake opens soon. Book A Fitness Strategy Session today to reserve your place.