Fitness Elite



Fitness Elite is our popular group training program. Utilising the Foundation Movement System (FMS) unique to Unity Gym, Fitness Elite is the only group training program that is often compared to actual personal training.

With some similarities to the types of movement common in CrossFit, but delivered in a safe and progressive program format designed to increase your strength, flexibility, movement skill and coordination evenly.:

We have three direct entry program intakes running in January, April and September. Enroll now to reserve your place!

    What's Included

  • Exclusive weekly session times reserved just for you so you never have to wait for equipment
  • 3 to 5 x 1:18 small-group training sessions per week using our revolutionary FMS program
  • Specialised nutrition systems and goal specific meal plans to burn fat fast or build lean muscle
  • Online coaching videos to support your workouts so you always know exactly what to do
  • Access to our fast-track mindset, movement and nutrition seminars to kickstart your program

Before joining Unity Gym I had a nasty back injury and I had days were I couldn’t get out of bed or stand up straight. I think the most overwhelming gain that I’ve had over the last three years is really putting that injury behind me. "

- Adrien Sneary

Strictly limited to 108 highly motivated people each year. Take your health and fitness to the highest level by booking a fitness strategy session today.