Why The Road To Better Health Isn’t A Solo Journey [Yani Burmeister]

Why The Road To Better Health Isn’t A Solo Journey [Yani Burmeister]

Congratulations to all those people who’ve had a crack at cold showers, and other ways to get a daily dose of discomfort.

That was a popular concept and I’ve been inundated with great feedback. thank you all for your comments etc.

I mentioned last week that Rad and I had something extra special to share with you if cold morning showers was just a little to extreme.

What I have included below is the absolute best way to get your daily dose of discomfort whilst improving your health, flexibility and strength all at the same time in only 15 minutes a day.

Click here, or read on for more details …

On a personal note … I took my family to the beach last weekend and I found it extremely easy to get into the cold water. Much easier than usual. So I guess we can notch that up as another small win for the frosty morning showers.

Again, I’m definitely feeling more energetic in the mornings and I am enjoying the added productivity that brings.

With the last day of October on us we’re in full swing planning the holiday season.

Every year we celebrate with a big festive campaign including our famous Christmas Death Circuits to crank up the workout intensity and help offset some of the over indulgence.

We also celebrate our clients success by allowing them to bring friends and family members to train for free with them during December. Then we roll out an extra special, exclusive once per year Christmas sale. This is a great time to jump on a heavily discounted training program or membership.

Finally, we top it all by celebrating the year’s successes with a cracking big Christmas party dinner.

With locations locked in and dinner dates booked my focus has switched to the actual marketing collateral. It’s always an exciting time because this is where we really over deliver here at Unity Gym.

One of our key differences to other gym’s is our culture and community.

It’s the one thing that, whether you love our unique program as much as we do or not, everyone loves!

And frankly, it’s very important.

Maybe you’ve heard things like,

… you become like the people you hang out with.

Or … your network will equal your net worth.

Well community and culture are often overlooked when people feel like they need to get healthy. This is a big problem.

Strolling into a gym that doesn’t suit your personality, or support you to overcome your insecurities will almost certainly end in failure to achieve your goals.

Worse … if you’re trying to get healthy, lose weight etc. then hanging around people who don’t care about their health will be even more destructive.

So what’s the answer?

Well it’s not easy to stomach …

Sometimes you have a hard battle on your hands if your inner circle of influence doesn’t align well with your goals. Especially health related goals.

I’m not saying you still can’t get healthy. But it’s going to be a lonely battle if you don’t find a new herd or supportive network.

And having a strong connection to community seems to be very important for good health.

Seriously, many good studies linked longevity to a healthy, active social life.

So cutting yourself off and becoming a recluse is definitely not the answer!

What you should be doing is taking into consideration who you spend the most time with. If they’re not really supportive of your goals, then don’t diss them totally.

Just search for a new, healthier circle of influence to spend some of your time with.

Over time you’ll probably find that it’s not so bad. Hey, you may even make some great life long friends … friends that you share other things in common with instead of getting pissed at the pub every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

Friends that don’t have to drink two bottles of expensive wine every time you go for dinner.

Friends that have a day-life too … (instead of just a night life!)

This is a big step for anyone … so take it slowly.

But trust me on this … your network may or may not equal your net worth. But your herd, will absolutely impact your health!

The road to better health is not a solo journey. It’s well documented that people who train with buddies and make commitments together are more likely to stick with it and usually achieve much better results.

P.S. Remember if you read last week’s blogs you will have seen that Rad and I were working hard on a totally new online DIY mobility and flexibility program to help people overcome aches and pain and fix posture.

Well the program launched yesterday and you can now grab your own copy right here. This is the exact stretching program we used with 100’s of our clients to dramatically increase their flexibility and help fix posture issues and injuries.

P.P.S. We’ve launched it at a crazy low price to see what people think. But this is well under what it’s worth and when we hit enough downloads, we will be doubling the price.

So get in early! Go here to grab your copy. Rad is super excited to make this program available to the general public finally … enjoy!

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