A Desk Job Will Make You Unhealthy, Unless You Do This … [Yani Burmeister]

A Desk Job Will Make You Unhealthy, Unless You Do This … [Yani Burmeister]

Although Member Of The Month, Jonathan Sisovic loves his job … the stressful, sedentary 12 hour days were taking a toll!

In his 30’s, already feeling like he was falling apart, John knew that if he didn’t find a way to become more active he was going to suffer big time.


What made you decide you wanted/needed to join us?

“When I think about it … although I didn’t have much of a benchmark to compare myself too, I felt weak and stiff.

“Which was a very uncomfortable feeling!

“Previously I loved cycling and used to ride five days per week. So I guess I started from a point where I knew I wanted to be fit again. After reading the Unity Gym website I liked the concept.

“And from my very first Fitness Strategy session with Rad, I knew straight away that you guys had a good “program”. And that’s exactly what I wanted.

“I’m the type of person who doesn’t struggle with motivation … Give me a clear goal and strategy and I usually do well.

“I just needed direction and a good strategy!”

What impact did that have on your life/career prior to joining?

“Lack of confidence, and some serious love handles!

“From my career, I was used to the grind and the action. However, looking back, I now realise I was constantly tired and grumpy. (… which my partner Kate loves reminding me!)”

Since joining, what 3 things did you change in your life that had the biggest impact?

“First was my mindset … working out one hour a day, five days per week was scary for me at first. But it’s not as “extreme” as I thought.

“In fact … now I completely agree that it should be taught as the minimum normUnfortunately, society and our lifestyles don’t support this view.

“After seven month I now know that if I have a goal, I can make it happen!

“Next was definitely my diet … holy cow! This is probably on par with the size of my mindset breakthrough. After following their nutrition system I feel so much better. I’ve lost fat and built heaps of muscle. I follow the deficit day nutrition system that was taught in the 30 Day Health Kickstart.

“And now I pretty much have pre-prepared and scheduled every meal like clockwork.

“Finally my movement – The gradual build up in flexibility, weights, and movement difficulty has been really satisfying.

“Plus, the fact that it has happened without any injuries (except that satisfying muscle soreness after a workout) has made me really happy. I follow what my trainer (Richard) tells me to the letter.”

What has changed for you now, and what improvement/results have you seen?

“My energy has been boosted in a big way! I have not felt this alert in a long time.

“I feeling strong … with a feeling that there’s a lot more to gain and still a lot more potential!

“Plus, I’m doing some awesome skillful movements … handstands against the wall … which is super satisfying. Planche, side lever and free handstand here we come!

“I’m also so much leaner than before which is awesome!!

What do you like best about Unity Gym, the facility and the team?

“Unlike my previous unsuccessful “joining the gym, paying the fee, and not going” attempts, all the guys at Unity are really approachable, great people and really knowledgeable!

“The team is so inspiring. There is not this heavy, macho, gym crap “injure yourself or go home” shit going on.

“It really turned me off previously at other places.

“I also really like the “movement” culture these guys encourage. And how it is the movement ability that is important and most satisfying. I could not agree with you more. The whole gym is set up like a community, which is really great too.

“I love the Facebook support group, Yani’s daily updates and the gym Q&A’s.

“It’s all awesome!”

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining?

“This is a real lifestyle program. The uncertainty has been completely cut out! At Unity Gym there’s real attention to improving your health sustainably and not for the short term fix.

“They really do have your best interest at heart. Even tho the initial Health Kickstart program is only 30 Days … they think long term!

“There’s only benefits.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add personally?

“Massive thank you guys!

“When I move out to Riverstone (in August next year) I am really going to miss this place!

“Please hurry up and open a franchise out west!”

Absolutely … we’re working on it!

Thanks to Jonathan for sharing his story. It’s been an absolute pleasure working to support and guide his health and fitness journey.

Like always … I like to stress that each of us has our own journey. Your transformation will be different to Johns. And it should be. You start from a different point … and you’ll no doubt end at a different point to.

Don’t ever compare yourself, or your journey to others. It often leads to dissatisfaction.

Instead embrace it … because it’s unique and amazing in it’s own way.

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This will be the absolute last chance to Kickstart your health in the 30 Day program in 2017.

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