From Serious Health Risk To Total Lifestyle Transformation

From Serious Health Risk To Total Lifestyle Transformation

Member of The Month – Angus McDonald

Two years ago Angus decided enough was enough and he needed to lose weight.

At that time he talked to Rad about joining Unity, but it was decided that to reduce inflammation and injury risk, he’d need to start with some big changes to his diet before attempting strenuous exercise.

Angus was referred to a dietitian where specific blood tests were used to confirm he was insulin and leptin resistance. This meant he needed immediate, aggressive nutrition intervention … carbohydrate and sugar were removed from his diet.

12 months later Angus had lost 17kg and he was now ready to start his exercise properly.

What impact did that have on your life/career prior to joining?

I had struggled with my weight for the last 20 years and found it affected my self-confidence and more importantly my ability to live a full life with my kids.

I also saw that my dietary choices weren’t helping my kids who both struggled with their weight too!

Since joining, what 3 things did you change in your life that had the biggest impact?

  1. First, I made daily exercising at Unity Gym a priority. Sure, I don’t make it 5 days every week … but I’m always prepared for it with my training kit at work.
  2. Then, based on their recommendations, I made eating protein more of a priority and started protein shakes. These have helped curb my hunger pangs and feed my muscles.
  3. Lastly, I started doing deficit days, which gave me the ability to absorb the odd cheat meal on the weekend without it stopping my weight loss – that kept me sane!

(If you’re not up with the Unity lingo … ‘deficit day’ refers to our unique new nutrition system that leverages the power of intermittent fasting to get people achieve, and maintain their ideal weight.)

What has changed for you now, and what improvement/results have you seen?

This year I’ve lost another 9kg and more importantly gained strength and mobility I never had previously. It has brought more focus to my work and personal life and I’ve seen my kids inspired to begin their own movement journeys.

What do you like best about Unity Gym, the facility and the team?

The absolute best bit is the camaraderie of the other members – kudos especially to Jeff and Jenny who when I joined helped encourage me.

I also saw friends switch from semi-private to the group training, and that gave me confidence that I could make that transition when I needed to as well.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how excellently professional the training team is. And the way they have kept me engaged and training, even when injury and sickness have gotten in the way.

I’ve trained with every member of the team, and I’ve felt comfortable with all of them.

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining?

What I’ve told many people is that Unity excel at taking anyone and helping them progress on their journey to better movement and health.

Whether you’re super-fit, or like me, super unfit … they can help you go to that next level … and meet some great people along the way.

Is there anything else you’d like to add personally?

Thanks especially to Rad and Yani for having the guts to steer their business to such an underserved area. I’m sure they will find blessing as they help others. So keep it up!

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