This Is Why I Didn’t Publish My Daily Articles This Week :( [Yani Burmeister]

This Is Why I Didn’t Publish My Daily Articles This Week :( [Yani Burmeister]

Just finished a cracking Friday vertical push-pull workout. I’m working closely with my good friend Linc Younes to develop strength skill in the muscle up.

Currently we’re building his false grip. Essentially developing the crap out of his forearms …

When teaching the strict muscle up, we start by strengthening the chest to bar pull-ups and dips. Then we condition the forearms and hands, and finally, learn the transition.

Linc is progressing well, and this week we both worked specifically on the transition point, between the pull and push movements. Sounds technical? Well it is a little … it’s an advanced Foundation Movement.

But it’s super cool to do … and feels fantastic when nailed!

He’s loving the sense of development as his body adapts to a totally new movement.

I’m also enjoying re-learning phases of the movement where I was weak.

I too have experienced a big adaptation.

Even tho I was already very proficient at this movement, I have approached the skill with Shoshin (a beginner mind), and have become much stronger in the arms, wrists and shoulders.

I can definitely see a big change in my body shape!

Other than daily muscle up skills, I’ve had a very busy week.

Some might even call it stressful. 🙂

Which is why I’ve been slack publishing daily articles.

But I haven’t been lazy.

Last week was crazy busy preparing for my Health Summit. With new content and a new approach is was all consuming …

Off the back of that we have 26 exciting new people completing their first week of the 30 Day Health Kickstart.

I just finished writing a great 3 step approach to fixing shoulder pain. You can read it here on the blog, or subscribe to the monthly ‘Guide To Thrive’ newsletter. The article will be featured next week.

I also wrote a nice little article about Jonathan Sisovic. A clients and friend who’s totally crushing his health and fitness goals this year.

John is another good example of the power of Shoshin. He’s adapted incredibly to the FMS program. Starting in the January Health Kickstart … as a complete beginner just 7 months and 20 days ago.

If you’re interested, I discuss Shoshin in next week’s newsletter.

In the meantime, I have BIG news!

I just came out of a last minute meeting with Rad and Richard.

Rad has been inundated with calls and emails from people who missed out on the September Kickstart. Apparently he’s got seven people on a waiting list and there are more calls coming daily.

So …

I’ve decided to do another 30 Day Health Kickstart Launch in October!!!

This is breaking my old rule of no more than four each year. But I’ve discussed it with our senior clients and all agree, they’re all excited at the prospect of another bunch of newbies in the gym.

It brings such a great vibe and energy.

So what does this mean for you?

Well … if you were sitting on the fence last month … or the timing wasn’t quite right … of you just weren’t sure we were right for you. Then this is your chance to jump outside of your comfort zone … practice a little faith … and transform yourself.

And the best part …

It’s going to be rolled out just in time for summer!

Come on … what have you got to lose?

If you’re interested in either the 30 Day Health Kickstart program, like what John and so many of our successful clients before you tried … click the link here and apply.

In the least, you’ll get time to strategize your fitness program with one of the best personal trainers in Sydney.

The fitness strategy session will help you set goals, reverse engineer those goals and show you what success looks like in 30, 90, 180 and 365 days from now.

Plus, we’ll even show you what to focus on day-by-day and build a training plan. And whether you sign up or not … that’s FREE. our gift to you for taking the time to connect.

If you’re not sure if we’re the best fit … then you can also just come along to my one night Health Summit workshop. I’ll even shout you the ticket this time. Reserve a FREE seat at the Health Summit here.

To your limitless success,

P.P.S. When you are ready, here’s the best 3 ways I can help you get lean, strong and healthy:

  • Health Summit – My one night lifestyle workshop. Where I share the 3 most effective keys to health I’ve discovered during my 15 year career.
  • Health Kickstart – My 30-day health kickstart program, where I teach people how to get lean, strong and healthy the right way.
  • The Health Tribus – My 12-month intensive lifestyle transformation program. Not your average health and fitness program. For people with BIG goals wanting BIG results!

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