This Will Make You Rethink Why You Should Exercise [Yani Burmeister]

This Will Make You Rethink Why You Should Exercise [Yani Burmeister]

I just wrapped up my first touch typing lesson in about 6 months.

Am I touch typing right now?

Err … no!

Do I still totally suck at it?

Hell yes!

But I’m stoked I made the time and did it.

It’s surprising how hard it is to do the things you suck at. Even when you know it will benefit you in the long run.

For me … touch typing would be of huge benefit, increasing the efficiency of my daily blogging.

I’d also look like less of a numpty sitting at the cafe writing.

You’d think a guy who pumps out daily content and articles would be a master typer … right?

It’s something I never seemed to pick up.

This year I added it to my personal goals. My vision includes me touch typing at speed by December 2017.

How am I tracking?



You’d think the answer is obvious … I didn’t practice enough.

If had, there’s a very good chance I’d be sharply focused on the monitor, whilst elegantly typing with all 10 fingers right now … (instead of staring at the keyboard, poking keys with two).

But it’s not that simple …

Yesterday I had a deep conversation with my partner Kaliesha. (don’t worry, she’s ok with me sharing).

Kaliesha is 18 weeks pregnant with our second child. For a variety of reasons … this pregnancy has been more difficult than the first.

As a result, she’s struggled to keep up with her exercise like she did the first time. And … we’ve probably been a little less critical on what she’s eaten.

I haven’t been the best support. I’m training hard and using a very effective intermittent fasting system I introduced this at my FREE Health Summit workshop to get our clients lean strong and healthy.

But she’s unable to follow it now.

Initially, she did enjoy the benefits of intermittent fasting. Like most people, she got amazing results!

But after falling pregnant we both decided not to continue. Most people don’t realize that intermittent fasting, (like many diets), affects women different to men. Although it’s extremely powerful concept, there are some important things that need to be considered.

Problem is … without a nutrition system and regular exercise, (like most people), her body changed.

Now … before I get criticized, I’m well aware that this is ok and fairly normal for a pregnant women.

But it was new for Kaliesha!

She didn’t gain much weight during her first pregnancy. Plus, with her previous healthy exercise and eating habits, she’s always been in very good shape.

So naturally, she’s been a little down about the recent changes to her body.

And as a result, she’s lost motivation.

When talking to her yesterday, she shared that exercise was a waste of time right now because she can’t train hard enough to hit PB’s (personal bests) when lifting weights, and she probably shouldn’t try to lose weight.

So what’s the point?

No matter how much I reinforced to her that this was all ok … my regular approach to motivation wasn’t working. So I took a different angle and reinforced the importance of her habits.

See, when exercising you’re not just strengthening your muscles and cardiovascular system. And you’re not only shaping your body.

Sure … these are great benefits.

But I believe what’s even more important, is that you’re also re-shaping your lifestyle and strengthening your habits.

This is key!

Because the level of your success in life will be directly linked to the strength and quality of your daily habits.

This point really struck a chord with Kaliesha yesterday.

And it should!

She knows as well as I do that things will likely get even harder after the birth. With a two year old, and a newborn, finding time to exercise and the motivation to eat healthy won’t be easy.

If she wants to get back in pre-baby shape post pregnancy she’s going to have to rebuild her healthy habits now.

You’ll be delighted to know that she got through a great workout yesterday, and is on track to repeat the effort today.

Bringing her two steps closer to reigniting her daily habit flame!

When I sat down to reflect on the conversation I realised I too had totally stuffed up. Instead of focussing on building a daily habit to type properly … I got caught up focussing on wanting to touch type.

Which got me nowhere!

The end goal is too far off to keep me motivated.

So today I changed my approach. My new goal … build a habit of 10 minutes a day of touch typing.

Hopefully by focussing on the daily habit I’ll be able to report back with a new skill soon.

If you’re struggling to complete a goal … try focussing on building a habit that supports the goal instead of focussing on the goal itself.

For example … if your goal is to lose some weight, focus on getting to the gym every day instead of watching the morning news.

Or, instead of your regular hour of Netflix in the evening … go for a walk or run and listen to a good audiobook or podcast.

Changing these little daily habits will build momentum … and you’ll soon be losing weight.

To your limitless success,

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