1:6 Personal Training Program

Corporate plus is our most popular program among middle and upper managers. You get all the benefits of the executive plus 1:1 Personal Training Program for a fraction of the financial commitment. The corporate plus program combines the kickstart intro movements and progresses you through to the more advanced FMS program safely as your body adapts and becomes more strong and flexible.

Is this for you? Let’s Do it!

What’s included

  • Exclusive weekly session times reserved just for you so you never have to wait for equipment
  • 3 to 5 x 1:6 semi-private training sessions per week using our revolutionary fms program
  • Specialised nutrition systems and goal specific meal plans to burn fat fast or build lean muscle
  • Online coaching videos to support your workouts so you always know exactly what to do
  • Access to our fast-track mindset, movement and nutrition seminars to kickstart your program
  • Access to the facility outside of peak scheduled training sessions so you never miss a workout
Since joining the Corporate Plus membership my physical appearance and my strength and flexibility have improved. it's great, I can even keep up with my kids again!

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