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img_0215Why Losing My Suitcase Whilst Travelling Made Me Happier.

True story … in a moments complacency I lost my suitcase minutes before boarding a flight to Bali. Although initially there was a moment of panic, I was easily able to overcome the emotional nightmare of losing all my belongings with little, if any frustration or anger whatsoever.


It’s seems only fitting that one of the four books I was left with after losing my suitcase at the airport in Sydney was called ‘Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown.

It would seem that I was going to be thrust into the life of an essentialist, not by choice, by destiny!

img_0213-1024x768To avoid a meltdown I used a few incredibly powerful emotional management strategies that I now teach to our clients in our lifestyle transformation program.

My reaction to the unfolding scenario at Sydney airport is a testament to just how far I’ve come in the last 12 months personally utilising the exact strategies I’m talking about …

Funny enough, it’s no big secret.

There’s no magic behind my self control.

The highly effective emotional management strategies I use are available to anyone who’s willing to invest the time to learn. I personally picked them up from books I’ve read and a few extremely successful people I’ve been mentored by over the past few years.

As a special thank you for reading this article I will give you the titles of the 10 books that have had the most profound impact on my life and business so far.

In addition, I’ll share a secret strategy that transformed me from a guy who had never read a single book into someone who reads 50 pages per day without fail.

img_0186-1024x1024But first, back to the airport and my lost suitcase.

Previously, losing all my belongings like this and forcing me to board a plane to another country with little more than the clothes on my back would have been a bloody disaster.

And I probably wouldn’t be alone. It’s one of the scenarios we all fear – right up there with fronting up to a public speech having forgotten to wear pants.

What a nightmare right? No clothes, no toiletries, no nothing …

And it get’s worse.

Along with my personal belongings, I had also lost an expensive pair of sunglasses, a brand new digital camera, a relatively expensive watch, my nice flashy brand named electric shaver kit and two of the four very popular books I had been looking forward to reading whilst on vacation.

One of which was extremely hard to find, and I had waited 4 months for it to be sent from America.

img_0211-1024x768In addition to the decent financial losses, I also faced serious discomfort when I disembarked the plane in Denpasar.

Although what I was wearing was perfect for a cold, dark winter morning in Sydney; my hot jeans, thick sports hoodie, long socks and leather shoes were definitely not suitable attire for the 30 degree humidity I was facing in Indonesia.

Considering that that was all I had, it could have been a lot more painful.

So why was I not fussed?

Moreover, I actually felt quite the opposite.

When I begun to really think it through, what it meant to loose all my stuff, unexpectedly, I seemed to feel a strange sense of satisfaction. The satisfaction came from the thought that I was potentially donating my valuable belongings to someone who might enjoy them more than me.

Could I seriously be happy to lose my stuff?

As I relaxed in my seat and we accelerated down the runway, I completely accepted the ill fated suitcase and I begun to feel a sense of absolute freedom. Not freedom from my stuff particularly, although maybe that was part of it, my freedom came from a much bigger accomplishment, it was freedom from my emotions!

img_0221-1024x1024This was something I had NEVER felt before!

And it felt AMAZING!

I had somehow been released from the bounds of worrying about anything and everything in my life.

With this new sense of emotional security, I was now able to totally let go.

Smiling on the plane and feeling only love and excitement for what was coming I realized I was in actual fact experiencing a breakthrough.

In this moment one thing became crystal clear … two weeks in bali with my beautiful life partner Kaliesha, my son Koby and my mother and stepfather were far more important than anything I could fit into that lost suitcase.

That might sound obvious, but trust me, I wasn’t always this laid back. There was a time very recently that I would have lost my shit over something like this.

First there would have been panic … I would have made a complete arse of myself trying to hold the plane up so I could run back to the lounge where I thought I might have left the bag.

Then, once my plan failed I would begin to blame everyone else but myself … I would have conjured up some ridiculous reason why it was Kaliesha’s fault I had lost my suitcase.

It’s highly possible I would have completely ruined our holiday acting like a total arsehole!

img_0222-1024x1024I couldn’t help but wonder what had changed so much recently. Why was I so unphased by the loss of so many valuable possessions?

The answer to that question lies in the intentions I’ve made recently to master conscious emotional control. The truth is, I’ve invested a lot of time in learning to let go of the things I can’t control in my life so I can focus a disproportionate amount of my effort on the essential few things that are in my control.

And it’s why my business has grown from strength to strength, reaching a high level of success.

Over the past 12 months I’ve read a number of life changing books and worked with incredible business leaders and life coaches like Sean Greeley, Kerwin Rae, Gary Vaynerchuk and Greg McKeown all who have helped me to develop and foster a heightened sense of emotional consciousness and control.

It has taken a lot of time, heaps of practice and a huge financial investment, but the profound improvements in my overall productivity and the results in my business speak for themselves.

Little did I know that the shift in my psychology would have such a huge ripple effect throughout my entire life, fostering stronger relationships with my family and many of my work colleagues too.

Personally, I feel absolutely fantastic.

Now instead of spiralling into moods acting like a prick, angry and depressed, or worse, casting blame on those around me for my stuff ups and emotional mismanagement, things like the airport scenario just don’t seem to phase me anymore.

And instead of feeling shit out of luck all the time, I’m now laser focussed on the things that matter. Plus, in any given scenario I’m strong and conscious enough to replace anger, fear and frustration with gratitude, happiness and motivation.

The devoted practice of emotional consciousness that I had intended would improve my professional life has freed me from destructive and reactive behaviour that held me back in my personal life, empowering me to completely control how situations affect me in all areas of my life.

Would it be possible I’ve finally learned how to manage my emotions and as a result, create a level of happiness and success that I’ve never experienced before?

There’s no doubt that my personal development over the past year and the resulting improvements in my ability to control emotions feels great.

img_0138-1024x768In conjunction with a heightened sense of productivity and achievement, for the first time in my life I feel a sense of control over my destiny.

Of course I’m not suggesting I can control what happens to me in the future now, but having the power to consciously control how I feel about what happens and how those situations affect my emotional state means I can control the outcome!

Here’s the secret, there are no problems, only perceptions!

Believe it or not, you, and only you have the power to control how you perceive things that occur. You have the power to choose anger when something shit happens to you, and you also have the power to choose happiness in the exact same moment.

Personally, I will continue on the path of happiness. I will continue on my disciplined pursuit of higher emotional consciousness.

As a result, I will continue to be a happier, more productive, less stressed, healthier and no doubt, more successful.

It feels great.

You really should try it.

If you would like to take control of your emotions but don’t quite know how, or where to start, then maybe you need to check out my top ten best books for emotional development. Obviously I can’t give you everything I’ve learned along the way for free, I have to make some of my financial investment back, but I will share what I can, when I can.

img_0224-1024x1024If you’d like to learn more you’ll just have to join our FMS program at Unity Gym. ?

But, if you email me at yani@unitygym.com or message me your name and email address on Facebook I will send you my top 10 book list!

Almost everything I’ve achieved I owe to my books. Without a doubt, everything I do is a result of something I’ve learned from another expert. Here’s a pro tip I tell my team at work,

“Your level of success in life will be in direct proportion to your level of personal development.”

But how do you develop yourself if you’re bored easy, struggle to concentrate and not much of a reader?

Great question.

Guess what, at the age of 27 I read my first book!

True story, I was a late literary bloomer.

Why, maybe it’s because I became bored easily and have an extremely short attention span. I can often read three pages of a great book and realise I have no idea what i’d just read because in actual fact, I was thinking about a movie i wanted to catch next weekend.

So frustrating.

But now I absolutely can’t live without my books. And my success in life has gone through the roof in all areas including business, finance and relationships.

No kidding …

So, if you send me an email to yani@unitygym.com to say high or message me your name and email address on Facebook, not only will I send you my top 10 books, I’ll also explain the three step strategy that turned me into a complete bookworm enabling my ultimate success and happiness.

What do you have to lose?