Why The Water Isn’t Cold Anymore … [Yani Burmeister]

Why The Water Isn’t Cold Anymore … [Yani Burmeister]

Of course it’s still cold … but last week something quite amazing happened to me. I stepped under a freezing cold morning shower waiting for the chill factor to hit and nothing …

I literally had to check three times if i’d turned the tap all the way to cold.

I then questioned if the water could possibly have warmed up in the pipes somehow.

It was a really strange feeling because from one week to the next I didn’t feel the cold as bad. In fact, I found it quite easy to stay under the cold morning shower for a full 60 seconds without much discomfort at all. (I even had time to shave!)

I guess my body has begun to adapt.

Just like with exercise … it’s no longer as painful.

Just like the intermittent fasting … it’s no longer uncomfortable.

Another area I experience a very impressive adaptation recently was last year when I hit a tipping point with my stretching program.

Up until that point, stretching felt horribly uncomfortable. Particularly in my hamstrings and glutes. I really had to work hard to motivate myself to stretch.

Then one day … BAM!

I begun to see really big improvements in my mobility, and stretching actually started to feel really good.

Funny how when you persevere with something that you find uncomfortable, eventually you adapt, and it’s not so bad. In some cases … like the stretching, you’ll even begin to really enjoy it!

Boy I’m glad I stuck with my cold showers … (and stretching)

I feel so much better in the morning.

I’ve never been a morning person. I used to hit the snooze button as much as I could before the alarm would switch off altogether!

But now I get to work at 5:45am totally charged.

Full of energy!!

Just like regular exercise, stretching or intermittent fasting.

Hey, on stretching, Rad and I am totally overwhelmed with how many people jumped on and grabbed a copy of our amazing DIY mobility program at the pre-launch price.

It’s really no wonder … we’ve had such incredible results using this exact routine to fix posture issues, back and shoulder pain and dramatically improve the mobility and movement of our clients.

I think it’s probably our most powerful health intervention to date.


And we’ve never made this available to people outside our inner circle. (i.e. our active clients and subscribers).

If you missed the program link last week you can still go here and grab a copy of Rad’s DIY whole body mobility program before we raise the initial offer price. But remember, once we hit enough downloads, we’re raising it up to what we think it’s really worth, which will be double what it is now.

Back to discomfort and adaptation.

I hope I sound like a broken record on this guys and girls because it’s extremely important that you all understand the true power of this concept.

Last week I wrote about the concept of getting daily doses of discomfort. If you missed that article you can read it here.

The reason I am a big fan of discomfort is this.

Every time I coach or train a client who fails to achieve results, it boils down to comfort. They’re just not willing to do the thing necessary that makes them uncomfortable. Whether it’s related to diet, lack of intensity or consistency in exercise … the excuses are always valid.

But the reality is … it’s your level of comfort that stops you succeeding.

Embrace the initial discomfort …

Have the conversation with your boss or team about making time to exercise at lunch.

Tell your partner you’ll make your own (different healthier) dinner if need be to break bad eating habits.

Push yourself through the initial phases of a new diet until it becomes habit, and normal.

Start pushing yourself to train harder, for longer when you workout.

Get up early and set aside 15 minutes every morning to stretch and/or meditate.

And if you’re as crazy as me … get under the freezing cold shower every morning to really charge up your nervous system and get yourself more productive in the early morning.

Whatever you choose to do to step outside your comfort zone … be like Nike … “Just do it”

Your boss will get over it. No one ever got fired for improving their health. And you’re legally allowed to take a lunch break.

Besides … soon he’ll love the added benefit of health, productivity and energy you bring back to the office.

Your partner will get over your new eating habits and you’ll most likely end up inspiring your family to eat better too. The results from diet adherence will speak for themselves and become extremely motivating.

With more intensity and consistency your workouts will quickly become more rewarding and the addition of stretching and meditation in the morning will make you feel incredible!

Yes, starting any of these new habits will be slightly uncomfortable.

Especially if you have to get up a few minutes early, or challenge deep rooted workplace, or family cultures.

But you will see amazing results. And so will the people around you.

Remember, just do it …

Here’s to your limitless success,

P.S. If you want to grab a copy of the amazing stretching and mobility program Rad launched last week you can right here. Remember, this is the exact stretching program we use with our clients to fix posture issues and increase their flexibility.

P.P.S. We’re now working hard on a most successful rehab program for golfers and tennis elbow. If you’ve ever suffered elbow pain and couldn’t train or play your sport … then this is a must for you! Keep your eyes peeled, it’s in the pipeline and coming soon.

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