We’ve realised that there are major limitations to the popular Internal and External rotation isolation exercises.

Sure, they’re ok in the beginning … but overall, play a pretty basic and minor role in shoulder cuff strength.

These five exercises have helped us level up much more!

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In this video we walk you through two of our best rotator cuff exercises for the front rotator cuff and the back rotator cuff … if you haven’t already, make sure you also watch our latest how to improve overhead shoulder mobility video linked at the end of this video.

In this new video we’ve put together a practical tutorial of some of our favorite rotator cuff rehab strengthening exercises in a simple to follow along exercise tutorial.

rotator cuff strength exercises are essential for calisthenics but many people fail to condition the most important part of their shoulders … the rotator cuff. This video is especially important if you already experience rotator cuff pain.

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We use a few cost effective tools to support our training. As promised, the equipment used in this video has been linked below with some of our affiliate links. Purchases from our affiliates gives us a small commision which supports our channel so we can make more videos.

————— Gymnastics Bands —————
✅Gymnastics bands are essential tools for shoulder mobility training and stretching.

————— Foam Roller —————
✅ Foam Roller is ideal for thoracic mobilisation and gentle myofascial & trigger point massage:

————— Rumble Roller —————
✅ We prefer the Rumble Roller for more intense myofascial & trigger point massage.

————— Back Balls —————
✅ Back Balls are a critical tool for posture & spine/shoulder mobility.

————— Spiky Massage Ball —————
✅ A Spiky Massage ball is essential kit for trigger point and more localised muscle and tissue massage.

————— Vibration Massage Ball —————
✅ The Hypersphere Ball is the ultimate deep tissue muscle release and will level up your tissue remodelling and self massage.