About Us

Unity Gym is for people who’d rather learn to move than just exercise. Unlike gyms that prey on body image issues, we believe that health is measured by how the body performs, not just how it looks.

Our program utilizes a powerful new diet with exercises originating from calisthenics, gymnastics and weightlifting to build strength and mobility whilst achieving your ideal weight and feeling great.


Our Story

Why Unity Gym Is The Better Way To Train

A desire for elite physical performance lead brothers Rad and Yani burmeister to the gym. Continually improving their fitness whilst overcoming past injuries forced them to find a better way to train.

To combat changes in their bodies as their careers took priority, they developed what’s now called the Foundation Movement System (FMS).

A holistic program that uses a mix of traditional weightlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics and mobility movements to evenly develop strength and flexibility, the FMS quickly became popular among athletes wanting better performance and people wanting better health.

After 15 years servicing clients in the fitness industry, the FMS exercise program was combined with a revolutionary new diet and powerful motivation habits to become the Health Tribus program exclusively taught at Unity Gym.

Tribus (meaning 3 in latin), creates incredible bodies by prioritizing the 3 key areas required for optimal health … motivation, movement and nutrition.

Whether you’re an experienced athlete, or new to the gym, with the Health Tribus program you will regain control of your health and achieve your true potential.

Our Philosophy

What Makes Unity Gym Different

Your chair is hazardous to your health. Amounting research proves that too much sitting contributes to a host of diseases ranging from obesity and diabetes to cancer and depression.

Sitting literally shortens your life!

In fact, sitting has now been classified as being as dangerous as smoking by the world health organization. The facts are in; your chair is your enemy, and it’s disabling your body and destroying your health!

Problem is, it’s becoming exceptionally hard to avoid it. Worse still, most gyms encourage using assisted machines that require you to sit down.

This makes the problem worse!

At Unity Gym we use no assisted exercise machines. Instead, we favor whole body, functional movements that get you out of your chair, capitalizing on the incredible muscle systems that provide you with balance, core strength and healthy posture.

At Unity Gym we provide a detailed battle plan for surviving the office chair and reclaiming your birthright of mobility and freedom from pain.