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What Makes The Unify Movement System (UMS) So Different?

Optimal performance requires unification of strength, flexibility and cardio. We transform driven people into superhumans with balanced daily workouts. Our program delivers superior results by making group training personalised.

We know how it feels to train in a way that compromises your body.

After 15+ years of research and development, we’ve created a balanced training system enabling us to become superhumans. We call it the Unify Movement System or UMS. We’ve proven UMS works consistently by transforming 1000’s of other people’s bodies as well.

There are three key elements to a superhuman transformation:

  1. You must ignite your motivation
  2. You must get expert coaching
  3. You need kickass workouts

Most people fail to transform themselves because:

  1. They lack motivation
  2. Coaching is expensive
  3. Their workouts are crap!

Group training is a popular solution, but without personalised programs, most groups deliver inconsistent results and often do more harm than good!

Our unique system customises the workout to the individual, making group training personalised, so it’s more like 1:1 coaching. By making expert coaching affordable our tribe get the support and motivation they need without spending a fortune!

By unifying strength, flexibility and cardio our program and customer centric facility delivers superior results – combined with how we incorporate calisthenics and gymnastics we turn driven people into superhumans.

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Joining the Unity Gym tribe guarantees you’ll become superhuman. You’ll also be admired for achieving true strength, flexibility and fitness that goes far beyond just aesthetics and the gym.

Don’t waste another workout training in an unbalanced and unpersonalised program.


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The astonishing results we get for our tribe come from a balance in strength, flexibility, and fitness.
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