Plus, I’ll Reveal The Great Reasons Why And Exactly How He Did It!

In November 2016 Linc walked into Unity Gym, North Sydney and asked me to help him with a personal training program to get as lean as possible.

He wasn’t overweight in any way, but the upcoming role required him to reveal all. I’ll get to that part later!

For now, let’s just say he had good motivation, and was determined to make it happen!

The catch, we only had a few short weeks before Linc moved back to Melbourne for rehearsals.

We needed a guaranteed strategy that would ensure he reduced fat as fast as possible, and that I could teach him in two or three weeks.

Problem was, he couldn’t just run the weight off by doing stacks of cardio and eating less. We also needed him to look muscular and athletic, so we needed to maintain, or even gain some lean muscle in the process.

Much harder than just shredding weight alone!

Cue the brand new deficit day nutrition system and our tried and proven FMS program.

Luckily I had recently begun trialling a brand new nutrition system created by a very good friend of mine Tony Boutagy. Boutagy had created a hybrid muscle building version of the 5/2 intermittent fasting diet for his clients who have an extremely active social life and struggle to lose weight.

Many of Boutagys’ clients who’d trialled his new system were doctors and busy CEO’s, much like our Unity Gym community in North Sydney.

He’d had great success and now I was ready to try it myself.

As with all new diets or exercise programs I first rolled the concepts out on myself and my team to see how we respond. If successful, we intended to use the deficit day system as a key component of our new 30 Day Kickstart program in 2017, with a planned launch in April 2017.

After discussing it, Lincoln was also excited to jump on board.

Coupled with our already successful FMS program we’d get to see how he could handle the changes in lifestyle, whilst still having to perform at a very high level preparing for his new role.

So the stage was set.

The goal, get as lean and muscular as possible in under 12 weeks.

The prize, looking super sexy in his underwear! (Who doesn’t want that?)

Now before we go any further, I should point out that Linc has been a client of mine for four (4) years. He trained with me for most of his time on Channel Seven’s Home And Away.

At the starting point of this program he was pretty well conditioned to hard workouts, he knew my training style and he had some prior experience with our new FMS program.

In addition, other than a few common postural issues in his lower back and shoulders, he had no current injuries.

The Exercise Program

Before we reveal the exciting new nutrition system, let’s take a quick look at the exercise program we used to get Linc in such impressive shape so quickly.

Here’s a 60 second sneak-peek of one of his upper body workouts …


Originally created for corporate professionals or anyone who sits in a chair for most of their day, the Foundation Movement System (FMS) blends the most effective weightlifting movements like the squat, deadlift, bench press, bent row, chin ups etc. with foundation gymnastics movements like the handstand, side, front and back levers, planche, V-sit, manna and rope climb.

Here’s a 60 second sneak-peek of workout 2 …


We also include a myriad of mobility movements and specialised conditioning exercises to bring everything together and compliment the weightlifting and gymnastics to build an incredibly strong, well balanced body.

Now combine these elements with a progressive program spanning 24-month that employs the best of scientific overload techniques, where the path to mastery has been meticulously planned and charted from beginner through to extremely advanced levels, and you have one of the most comprehensive personal training programs available.

The result is a super strong, insanely mobile and extremely skilled individual.

We also leverage the movement complexity of the gymnastics movements to help keep our clients brains incredible healthy with continued neural plasticity. Meaning, people who practice the FMS program develop new neurons in the brain every time they learn a new progression.

An extremely important element most other exercise programs neglect.

Honestly, the FMS was actually designed to provide corporate people who sit down for the majority of their roles to regain their health and dexterity.

Nowadays, the program has become popular amongst athletes as well as professional actors preparing for important roles!

Hey, we’re not complaining!

Warning, this 60 second sneak-peek of workout 3 is EPIC!

The Deficit Day Nutrition System

Essentially the deficit day system is derived from popular intermittent fasting methods used for decades in bodybuilding and other clever training programs.

Intermittent fasting has become more and more popular for mainstream fat loss because one of the big issues we face nowadays is altered hormones that eventually leads to insulin resistance.

It’s so effective, I honestly believe that intermittent fasting diets will become mainstream health intervention for general populations in the near future.

Here’s why …

When you eat foods with sugar, or simple (starch) carbohydrates like bread, cereal, cakes, pastries, pies or pastas etc. your body must produce more insulin in the pancreas to transport those carbs into your muscles or vital organs.

Like anything, when done too much, you build resistance to the insulin. I.e. your pancreas has to work harder and harder, and your body needs more and more to get the same result.

Eventually, you become resistant to insulin. (or worse, your pancreas completely shuts down)

Now, when there’s too much sugar or fat in your blood, or the sugar and carbs no longer get moved to your muscles or organs for fuel, the only other place to go is your body’s storage mechanism.

Which are tiny fat cells (called adipocytes). As a result, those tiny cells in your stomach, thighs, arse etc. get bigger and bigger as you get fatter and fatter.

I believe a lot of our problems stem from the fact that we simply have been consuming far too much carbohydrates and sugar for too long without enough exercise.

I think we’re at a tipping point now.

And our body’s have altered the way they handle food as a result.

We’re just not very good at using the sugar and carbs we eat anymore and we’re getting better and better at storing it in our fat tissue.

This is why intermittent fasting diets like the deficit day system work so well.

They kind of work as a reset button.

By taking your body into a fasted state for a prolonged period, they force your body to repair the damage caused to your hormonal systems and metabolism.

Very quickly (within a few days even), you get better at using carbs and sugar again.

Coupled with exercise, as with the deficit day system and FMS program, you get really good at using sugar and carbs.

And due to some pretty cool physiological processes in your body, you also gain lean muscle quicker.

The research on intermittent fasting is still very young; and even though it’s early days, what we have seen is extremely promising.

After an intermittent fasting period the good health benefitting hormones seem to spike to higher levels.

In fact, the rise is incredibly high!

One important hormone called growth hormone (HGH), which plays a major role in the repair of your cells goes up by 2000%!

Yes, you heard that right.

Scientists have reported a 2000% increase in human growth hormone after a 16 hour fasting period.

If that doesn’t ring your attention bell, I don’t know what will. It sure rang mine!

It’s believed that this is why the warrior diet and other more aggressive bodybuilding programs that use intermittent fasting as the basis of their nutrition system, work so well.

Although I’m not sure why this occurs yet, it’s believed that there may simply be a paleolithic system on the body that up regulates certain hormones to prepare your body for gathering food.

It’s sort of like a survival mechanism that kicks in to avoid you starving. Luckily, physiologically our bodies don’t realized we have access to an abundance of food immediately after the fast.

So we still go into the same old preparation mode to prepare our bodies for a life or death hunt.

Here’s some more good news.

Growth hormone is not just good for bodybuilders.

Growth hormone is a major player in anti ageing and healing injuries or damaged tissues.

If Estee Lauder and Shiseido Beauty Therapy new about this they’d lobby to have it banned.

The diet’s also a major player in repairing gut damage and other IBS related issues. When you remove food from the equation for a longer period of time the body doesn’t need to worry about digestion and it just gets on with other necessary repairs.

Trust me, I can personally vouch for how amazing you feel!

So far, after rolling it out within my team, and then with my clients in the 30 Day Kickstart program we’ve seen some truly amazing results.

  • Clear skin
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Better digestion
  • Rapid weight loss
  • More muscle gain
  • Better brain clarity
  • Stronger immune system

This is to name a few of the benefits …

Linc’s story is amazing, but what about people who started bigger and less conditioned who aren’t as physically active.

Ok, check out Cedric pictured here. Cedric lost 12kg of fat in 12 weeks and gained lean muscle!

Read more about Cedric’s amazing story.


The truth is, we’ve had heaps of amazing results.

Myself included.

Last year I found myself in the worst shape in 10 years after having my first child. I trialled the new deficit day system on myself with the intention to get myself back in shape and test it before rolling it out with my clients.

The results were amazing. More muscle and much less fat!

What impressed me more was that I managed to achieve this feat over the Christmas break.

I actually lost fat whilst exercising less and eating more.

Crazy right?

We concluded that the marriage between the Deficit Day Nutrition System and the FMS program was perfect for our busy clientele.

We’ve even gone a little further and enhanced the nutrition system to customise the way we implement it within our new program so that we get even better results.

We begin the process with a 30 Day Kickstart Program that allows new people to trial both the exercise and nutrition components in a safe and fun environment.

And the results have so far been amazing!

The Big Reveal

And The Five (5) Exact Steps To Lincs Amazing Transformation

So what was Lincoln’s super motivator?

Well, Linc is starring in a critically acclaimed new Declan Greene play at the Griffin Theatre to sold-out audiences. Pitched as a controversial, yet politically and socially apt contemporary farce, the role requires him to bare almost all and have an extremely lean and muscular aesthetic each night.

Coming from a TV and film background, theatre is a first for him and naturally he wanted to make a big impression!

When asked about his upcoming role Linc said,

“When you’re behind the camera, it’s different. You’ve constantly got a layer between you and the audience and that degree of separation brings a type of safety.

“Plus there is always a makeup artist, hair stylist and lighting guys who have your back if things fall out of place!

“But with live theatre … man, there’s nowhere to hide on stage!

“You obviously want to look your best!!”

I think he succeeded, wouldn’t you agree?

To achieve the insane results that you see in the photos you’d think that Linc had to make some pretty drastic changes …

Well the truth is, anyone could do it with a little guidance and the right attitude.

We prove this every four (4) months when we take 24 lucky new people through our 30 Day Kickstart program.

We literally walk them step-by-step through this exact process.

Except, unlike Linc, who largely had to work on his own, unsupervised, people who do the Kickstart program get our undivided attention and supervision 5 days per week for 30 Days straight.

Plus, we include special Fast-Track workshop where I personally reverse engineer the content and show people how it looks on a day-by-day basis.

Then my team takes them through the revolutionary FMS workouts, from mobility, to strength, to gymnastics and calisthenics 5 days per week.

It’s all laid out in a detailed battle plan.

We’ve designed the 30 Day Kickstart program to give people the best bang-for-your-buck program possible.

Poor Linc had to do most of it on his own!

So here’s the 5 exact steps to his success:

  1. He followed the deficit day nutrition system we teach in our 30 Day Kickstart
  2. He also followed the FMS exercise program we teach in our 30 Day Kickstart
  3. Linc stopped drinking alcohol completely as we teach in the 30 day Kickstart
  4. He also started prepping all his own meals at home like we teach in the program
  5. He trained 5 to 7 times per week mixing mobility, strength and cardio like the program

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Are you our next transformation success story?

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