sOne of my friends and author of one of my favourite books ‘The Five Stages Of Health, Dr Ross Walker, from Lindfield Cardiology recently wrote a great little blog on the state of the Australian diet – sometimes it’s good to hear it from the horses mouth.

“Recently the results of the CSIRO Healthy Diet Test were released and the results do not auger well for we Australians. The CSIRO surveyed 40,000 Australians regarding the variety, frequency and quality of their intake of the essential food groups. First is discretionary  foods, such as junk food which, as we all know, is high in sugar, refined starches, a variety of additives and colourings, not to mention trans fatty acids, along with being low in essential nutrients.

The results clearly show that collectively, Australians have rather poor dietary habits with somewhat unsurprisingly the best eaters being retirees and people working in the healthcare sector, especially personal trainers and research professionals. Scoring lowest were construction workers.Interestingly, the best dietary habits recorded were in the Coffs Harbour/Grafton area and the worst came from a place in Queensland with a very telling name of Wide Bay.Basically, as a collective, we rated 61 out of 100 which is barely a pass and men rated worse than women. This is especially so regarding the consumption of chocolate (which I find somewhat surprising), soft drinks and alcohol, which certainly is not surprising. We are clearly consuming too much junk food and not enough fruit and vegetables and dairy.ssThe suggestions from this survey (unsurprisingly) is that we should be reducing our intake of junk food and reducing our portion size. I was also delighted to hear a suggestion about mindful eating, i.e. to eat slowly and consciously.

If you would like to take the test, go the website

As I often say – good quality eating, i.e. eat less and eat more naturally is the third key to good health and the most important key to weight loss. This recent CSIRO survey purely reinforces what we all know – it is very easy to say but, clearly, it is much harder for the vast majority of us to follow.”

Dr Walkers book ‘The Five Stages Of Health’ is a must read for anyone who’s interested in improving their health and quality of life (possibly all of us!). The book is so popular at Unity Gym we’ve included it in our trainer education program so all personal trainers must read it during their induction if they want to work at Unity gym.You can grab a copy here: