What Is The Better Way To Train?
Posted on June 1, 2015 by Yani Burmeister
The NEW Foundation Movements System | Exclusive To Unity Gym

  1. Where’s all the gym equipment going?
  2. Why do I need a better way to train?
  3. Why should I do gymnastics movements if I don’t want to be a gymnast?
  4. Is it really necessary to focus on injury risk if I’m not injured?

Read on and all of these questions will be answered …


I’m sure you’ll all agree that any startup business is a challenge and the need to differentiate yourself from the competition is as important as the need for great customer service.

Opening Unity Gym in July 2013 was a life goal for Rad and myself. Being a totally new start up business our first big challenge was to systemise our sales and marketing processes so that we could pay the bills and keep the doors open after that crucial first year.

Many lessons were learned during this period and essentially we had to discover ourselves, who our market was and where we wanted to be positioned. Our experiences as trainers and business owners were from much larger gym chains and 24 hour franchise models. Wow what a steep learning curve!

We had been training clients in North Sydney for over 10 years prior which helped to build a strong following. That also meant that we felt it important to continue providing similar programs and services to our clients that they had grown accustomed to at Fitness First.

Unfortunately this meant that in some aspects we didn’t follow through with our original goal to provide the BEST training facility that reflected our experiences and beliefs on the best way to move.

Two years after opening the facility we’ve learned heaps and things have changed a lot. I’m excited to say that those initial start up days are behind us now and we’ve reached the point where we have the support that we need to continue.

I speak for all of our team when I say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sticking with us along the way!

Now let the fun begin …

ppbootcamp-stretching-mobility-foam-rolling-back-thorasic-foundation-movements-system-unity-gym-300x200You may have heard a bit about the new movement system Rad and I have been busy working on behind the scenes. You may have even been lucky enough to try a few of the Boot Camp sessions.

Either way you would have noticed a few pieces of equipment have disappeared from the gym floor. Don’t worry! All will be revealed soon, I promise. And you definitely won’t be disappointed. The new program we’re rolling out requires some new additions to the gym floor and as a result, Unity Gym will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before, guaranteed!

We call it the Foundation Movements System (or FMS) and it’s the most innovative movement program to hit the fitness industry since CrossFit. The FMS came about through a cultivation of a heck-of-a-lot of time working on perfecting our own physical strength and movement.

Plus, having the privilege of working with a wide variety of other great movement coaches like Aaron McKenzie at Origin of Energy, Ido Portal and his Movement Culture, Coach Sommer and theGymnasticBodies program and of course, you guys, our amazing clients.

The concept of ‘foundation movements’ has actually been at the foreground of my thoughts since starting my career as a personal trainer in 2004. Since my previous studies were in the field of mechanical engineering, I developed a very logical mind and a fascination with mechanisms designed to produce movement.

My involvement within the health and fitness industry came about through sheer accident, but developed into an obsession to furnish my thirst for knowledge in the field of human biomechanics and create an exercise program that would provide the optimal way to exercise no matter who you were or what your level of fitness was.

You could say that the Foundation Movements System was brought to fruition over a period of 10 years through both Rad and my experiences with:

  • Crossfit
  • Powerlifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Kung Fu

… plus a few solid bruises, muscle tears, broken bones and crushed egos along the way (mostly mine!)

Our experiences, education and our clients (you guys), inspired us to design a rewarding exercise program that would provide the ultimate level of neuromuscular stimulation and motivation with very low risk of injury so we could all remain fit and strong for ever!


That’s what the Foundation Movements system is about. We have divided our workouts into three 15 minute sessions that are performed in succession every day. The sessions include:

  • A mobility component
  • A strength and/or skill component
  • and a conditioning / muscle endurance component

Each of these phases provides stimulus for a unique and important energy system within the body but, unlike CrossFit, the FM system provides a safe program that separates heavy lifting from the high fatigue endurance session to minimise poor form and injury.

Furthermore, extremely careful consideration has gone into the pairing of the gymnastics and strength components so as to avoid movement combinations that don’t compliment one another. The outcome is a massive boost in physical attributes.

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.” – Anthony Robbins

As Bruce Lee did with martial arts, and MMA has done so well with competitive fighting, The Foundation Movements System has done with modern exercise. Combining the three most popular disciplines of exercise in a safe and scientifically structured way to create a holistic program that evenly promotes strength, mobility and skill.


Utilising the most crucial components of each primary movement, we have produced a program that promotes continued progression and dramatic improvements in all areas of the body including:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Dexterity
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Coordination

Most importantly, improvements in overall health and body composition occur as a result of improvement in all of these areas. Best of all, focussing on performance in movement removes the weight loss focus which creates the destructive yoyo cycle of weight loss that most overweight people struggle to break free from.

Rad and I are very confident that this is going to provide incredible body composition results faster than ever before.

The selection of foundation movements are split into two categories:

  1. Weight lifting
  2. Gymnastics


The sequence of progressions differ for each and the term ‘Foundation Movements’ represent both the goal and the sequence constructed to achieve it.

The Foundation Movements System provides a standard in which participants can measure physical strength and skill against a series of carefully constructed movement progressions that promotes a holistic exercise program and consequently, a strong and lean physique.

Each of the movement progressions become a standard of re-testing that engages the individual at the level that best suits their capabilities. Only when each progression becomes easy for the individual are they ready to advance making specific exercise selection easier to manage.

Like any training program, this is merely a carefully planned sequence of movements that stimulate the body in an ideal way, that’s designed to continually progress the participant through a series of exercises with the goal to be stronger, more flexible and more skilled every workout.

During our personal journey, if we find a new skill or movement that’s proven to be more effective; or if we discover a better sequence of our current movements or a better approach to coaching them; we will adapt our program accordingly.


Rad and I are constantly learning but we’re confident that instead of the common belief that the human body is destined to degenerate in movement ability, using the Foundation Movement System will promote continued physical improvement, so long as the individual continues to move.

ii“The program at Unity is exactly what I’ve been looking for out of a gym. I finally have targeted goals to strive for and feel like I’m finally getting the holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. Casey does a great job catering to all fitness levels. Can’t wait for my next session.” – Max, Indoor Bootcamp participant


“I’m enjoying very much the new classes that have been introduced at the gym . The guided mobility exercises which we run through at the beginning of every class are helping to build body awareness, mobility and flexibility. These combined with strength resistance training and cardio workout in the class provide a really rewarding training session for me.

I’m now beginning to notice that I’m much more conscious of my movements during the my day, ensuring I’m correctly using my body to perform tasks.

In all, my mobility, strength, flexibility and overall body awareness have increased dramatically and I highly recommend anyone who is considering joining a gym to become part of the Unity Gym community and philosophy!” – Jan, Indoor Bootcamp participant