Just finished a really productive Personal Development Session (PDS) with Rad this morning and here’s what happened …

Recently we initiated a great initiative to collect monthly feedback from our clients.

We did this via a simple five (5) questions monthly survey.

The first survey went out on Friday last week and I’ll be honest, the feedback was pretty uncomfortable.

During the PDS with Rad we discussed the feedback and our strategy to move forwards after taking it on board.

It’s amazing how passion can become blinding.

It’s human nature to feel like you’re doing great. Especially if you’re passionate about what you do.

But often, in an attempt to preserve and protect your ego … you refuse to accept negative feedback.

My initial reaction to the recent feedback was bad.

Over night I literally processed all emotions.

  • Frustration
  • Confusion
  • Anger
  • Resentment
  • Sadness
  • Fear

And finally … excitement!

Man, initially I felt terrible.

But as my emotions progressed I began to see the survey for what it really was. A huge opportunity to grow.

As a team. As a business. And, as a leader!

Because that’s what uncomfortable feedback is …

“Uncomfortable feedback = growth”

“One of the most difficult things to do is accept “uncomfortable” feedback.”

“We all want to believe that what we’re doing is right… and everyone else is wrong. It’s all too easy to rush to defend and protect our own egos.

But time and time again, those business owners that continue to grow exponentially attribute their ability to accept uncomfortable feedback as one of the biggest keys to their success.”

“What if what you thought was correct isn’t? What if you allowed yourself to accept and challenge your current beliefs in favor for adopting new ones that might move you further (and faster) towards your goals?”

“What would that look like?”

That was a quote from my business coach … which happened to come on the day I received the feedback.

The timing was incredible!

(Another great reason to have a coach … in whatever you do)

Sure the uncomfortable feedback was extremely hard to deal with at first.

But off the back of this uncomfortable feedback we’ve designed a whole new Fitness Strategy Session that we’ll be rolling out for our newest 30 Day Health Kickstart clients.

Plus a whole new system of managing the Kickstart and full-time client goals and results.

In addition, we’re rolling out some HUGE changes to how we support our Kickstart and full-time clients and how I lead my team. There’s going to be an amazing snowball effect from this feedback … and it all came from a place of discomfort.

I’ve said this before … but it’s so important to understand.

It’s human nature to fight for comfort. To stay in your comfort zone and do everything possible to keep yourself, your family and possibly your friends comfortable is standard behavior.

But all the biggest opportunities for growth and development come as a result of stepping outside of your comfort zone.

To your limitless success,

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