She Overcame Incredible Odds To Transform Her Life And Win Our Member Of The Month

Ainslie was at a loss with chronic pain from a lateral tear deep in her hip. Astonishingly, her doctor had said it was completely untreatable and would continue to get worse.

She was even warned to expect a hip replacement!

Naturally she felt low. As a result of the injury she had begun to gain weight.

At the end of this article I will reveal Ainslie’s incredible Body Transformation results. But first, let’s hear her inspiring story.

As with many people who join us, Ainslie’s health was going downhill fast.

Day-after-day she felt more sluggish. She begun to drink more alcohol and became less mobile, and much less sociable.

She also had very poor sleep; sometimes less than 3 hours a night!

When she first came to us she couldn’t even sit down without feeling horrible pain shooting down her thigh and into her knee.

She could barely concentrate at work.

She says,

“I felt very low and like I needed to take action quickly before I fell into a depressed rut.

I run my own business, so the lack of sleep and inability to concentrate or sit for long periods was taking its toll on my work and finances big time.

“I couldn’t commit in advance to social activities so relationships were also suffering.

“I begun to feel extremely isolated.

“I was losing hope fast.

“I feared that soon I would be one of those fat people in chronic pain who ends up with more and more issues.

“I definitely felt I was on the wrong path!”

I think it’s safe to say that since joining Unity Gym, she’s completely turned her life around. In all honesty, this is one of our all time favourite life transformations.

Before we dive in, there are a few things I’ll mention that made Ainslie’s an interesting case for us:

  • Ainslie was obviously suffering from a severe injury when she started
  • She’s a vegetarian, so we had to formulate a nutrition plan that suited her
  • We also had to accommodate for her extremely busy solopreneur lifestyle

Anyone who runs their own business will know that sleep and exercise are commonly sacrificed for the love and success of your business. I can definitely relate!

So what’s her business?

Ainslie is a Perfumer, Fragrance Journalist and Product Developer and she works with all natural, organic products to produce the best smells on the planet. Check out her amazing perfume and candle artistry here.

When we asked about her gym success, the three biggest changes she’s noticed since joining are:

“Number one is definitely that I’m now more or less pain free!

“Second, I’m so much more mobile and active now, (like I should be at my age right?) Rather than feeling like I can’t even walk to the supermarket or bus, now I feel like could do anything!

“Third is the definitely the sleep, and being able to sit down at work and concentrate during the day. This is a huge deal. It means my business is now thriving again. Being a sole trader, there’s no one else that can step in to help out if I can’t work. So that’s extremely important to me.”

We recently asked her what has changed in her life, and what improvements or results has she seen?

“The most obvious is that I feel much stronger and heaps more flexible.

“More precisely, my old injured hip is more mobile and not as inflamed. I’m not constantly in pain. In fact, when I think about it, most days I’m not even aware I had an injury at all!”

That’s a far cry from the doctor suggestion, that there’s nothing she could do about it!

“Yes, and I’m now learning to trust my hip again as I do certain movements in the FMS program, like the Cossack squat or pancake.

“These are movements I thought I would never be able to achieve.

“I can now rotate my hip, so I can do breaststroke again in the pool. I can also do basic things like tread water. These are all things I was told I wouldn’t do again!

“In addition, I have lost weight and generally feel lighter and brighter. Despite having some of the most stressful months of my life earlier this year.”

(We’ll elaborate on the exact physiological results a little later … trust me, it’s worth waiting for!)

“I feel like I’ve really tackled the issues head on. I’ve made extremely positive changes in my life and now have a great reason to get out of bed and start the day.

“First on my agenda every day is always a trip to Unity Gym. I really look forward to it now”

I asked her, what she likes best about Unity Gym, our facilities and the team?

“For me, I think the best thing about Unity is that it’s not intimidating. Also the team is extremely patient, encouraging and they instruct you very clearly.

“Plus they are super attentive and adjust to your needs during each session.

“There is a feeling that you’re being cared for as an individual. I really didn’t expect that. Which has been a godsend on my most stressful weeks, when I wanted to give up on everything.

“They just kept me hanging on … probably more than they even realise!

“There is a lot of positivity and a feeling that everyone is working towards the same goal. That’s the unique thing about their program.

“I had never been to a gym before asides from in high school sports, but when I tell stories about my gym, I notice my friends have totally different experiences at theirs. And they’re usually never positive.

“For example, I have never had to skip half my workout because the place is too busy or someone is hogging the equipment. But that’s seems to be the norm at other gyms.

“It’s as though Unity Gym is designed exactly right for each member.

“It’s really great.

“Another reason why it’s different is that everyone there is so well informed on how things work. That makes every workout run so smoothly.

“I’m not just talking about the trainer, the other members too!

“This is also really important for me. It means can get my daily workout done hassle free and then get my day underway quickly.

“When I think back to the beginning, I was such a beginner. They literally had to spoon feed the information to me. I had no idea what I was doing. Everything was so new to me. But there system is designed for that. It’s really progressive.

“The mix of people is also great.

“It’s a very different culture from regular bodybuilding gyms. There doesn’t seem to be that competitive attitude. And also no intimidating people.

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining?

“Do it and do it all. Follow the nutrition, exercise and the mindset stuff.

“If you want results quickly and you want to be part of something innovative and fun. And that actually works, then this is for you!

“It’s definitely worth the higher financial commitment.

“The team put so much research and thought into the program. They email out so much great content to support our journey.

“What you get is way more than just a gym membership.


“Before I finish I’d like to say a big big BIG thank you to all the instructors and team at Unity for guiding me through a life changing journey, (with plenty more to go).

“And to some of my morning session folk who have made me laugh along the way!! (Neil, John etc …).”


HUGE Body Transformation Revealed

Ainslie’s story so far is incredibly inspiring. She overcame some huge hurdles to transform her life. And we’ve been extremely lucky to share the journey with her.

So on a physiological level, what has she achieved?

We do a little exercise as part of our Motivation system, where we get all of our members to get their DEXA scan done. We call this, setting the score board.

Although we steer people away from focussing on body image alone, this helps set a benchmark, and allows us to customise nutrition and meal plans. It also really helps boost motivation after the initial honeymoon period.

See, scales are the enemy at Unity Gym!


Watch these two short [3:14, 2:08] videos to learn why we don’t use scales or BMI to measure success or health.




When reviewing Ainslie’s DEXA results you’ll see an incredible body transformation has occurred as a result of her new lifestyle.



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