Last week Rad and I (Yani) got busy creating two more great exercise tutorial videos in our recent press to handstand series to help our tribe nail that elusive straddle press handstand. In this video Rad is going to walk you through a critical wrist strengthening and wrist prep for press handstand. Rad mentions our new flexibility blueprint … if you haven’t grabbed it yet, level up your flexibility with our brand new mobility blueprint *** FREE DOWNLOAD.

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This is our latest follow-along press handstand wrist strengthening routine for the press handstand gymnastics strength. This is also a great prep for the straight line handstand, straddle press handstand and the planche.

Continuing with our killer press to handstand series this videos reveals a critical mobility and strength routine that so many people need.

This is a major component in our brand new Mobility Blueprint which will be available to download soon.

We’ve seen so many people hurt themselves when trying to nail their handstand, or press to handstand because they overlooked this important step! (Rad included!!)

If you’re trying to get a nice handstand or press to handstand, do NOT miss this video!

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