Last week Rad and I (Yani) got busy creating two more great exercise tutorial videos in our recent press to handstand series to help our tribe nail that elusive straddle press handstand. In this video we walk you through a key compression strengthening drill for press handstand. Rad also reveals a huge mistake people make and along with that, our new flexibility blueprint … if you haven’t grabbed it yet, level up your flexibility with our brand new mobility blueprint *** FREE DOWNLOAD.

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This is our latest press handstand compression strengthening drill for the press handstand gymnastics strength. This is also a great prep for the straddle press handstand.

Compression strength or compressive strength is overlooked by most people who want to nail their handstand and press handstand because it’s such uncomfortable strength to practice.

But ask any gymnast or calisthenics expert and they’ll agree, compression strengthening for handstands and compressive strengthening for calisthenics and compression strengthening for gymnastics is ESSENTIAL! Skip this critical press handstand compression drill and you’ll seriously stifle your gymnastics strength progression!

If you’re trying to learn how to do a press handstand then this is one of your most important steps. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you check out our recent press to handstand – epic press handstand routine linked at the end of this press handstand compression drill video.

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