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How do you do a press handstand?

There are many different teachers teaching different methods. But we’ve discovered that there’s a few essential progressions you need to hit in strength and mobility before trying a press handstand.

If you’ve already got a nice straight line handstand then the next thing you should be asking is how to get strong and mobile enough to do a press handstand?

Because the press to handstand requires an extremely high level of both.

Understanding how to do a press to handstand and actually doing it are very different. Sure, having a nice straight line handstand is an important step to get your press handstand, but it won’t get you there on it’s own.

Gymnastics strength and handstand tutorial videos are a great place to start … but eventually you’ll need to be able to put this movement, and the progressions into a proper workout routine.

Before we get into our epic press to handstand routine, (which is a whole workout), you should be proficient in the straightline handstand. If you’re not … check out our playlist on Handstand Skills Progressions here.

If you’re ready for it, here’s our latest movement video tutorial …

Remember, if the Press Handstand routine is a little too intense for your current strength and mobility we have stacks of other great videos that will show you how to do a basic handstand and get your flexibility up so you can bridge the gap to this press handstand.

In our Foundation Movement System we use lots of calisthenics movements including the press to handstand because they are extremely rewarding and motivating skills to master. Learning how to do a press to handstand in a home workout is possible, but we’ve actually found some equipment like a fixed bar is quite helpful.

Here’s some key points we’ve identified to focus on to do a press handstand for beginners at home:

  1. Strengthen your hands, wrists and fingers
  2. Get mobile and flexible in your hips
  3. Get super strong core and shoulders
  4. Get insanely strong ab and hip compressions
  5. Be patient and give yourself time

Our number one tip for this complex movement is MOBILITY! If you’re not flexible and mobile, head to over and download our free Mobility Blueprint and use the same program today’s top professional athletes are using to build bigger, faster, stronger muscles and become dominant in their sports.

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