Check Out Our Amazing Member Of The Month For February

Margot Sawyer is an absolute inspiration … in 2017 becoming our fittest women by taking out Unity Gym’s Fittest Female award. This year it’s looking like she has the Strongest Female wrapped up too!

To say we’re proud of this wonderful woman would be an understatement. At Unity Gym we believe in healthy, strong and mobile bodies which Margot exemplifies!

When she walked through the door just 12 months ago she’d never done a pull-up in her life! After joining the progressions classes Margot achieved her very first pull up in 2017 … and now, as you can see in the video below … she busts them out like they’re going out of fashion!

What Made You Decide You Wanted To Join Us?

I wasn’t happy about the way I looked and wanted to make a change.

So I started looking for a new gym with great group training. I wasn’t interested in boot camps or doing lots of running. (You can only self motivate for so long).

Personally, I kinda thought going to the gym was a necessary evil … I just needed to surrender to it, because I knew it was going to be good for me.

What Impact Did That Have On Your Life Prior To Joining?

I lacked confidence in my social and work life. I felt old, even though I’m not old. Basically, it is a real downer not being healthy. On a personal note … I have also always been terrified of developing Diabetes.

Since Joining, What 3 Things Did You Change In Your Life That Had The Biggest Impact?

  1. The biggest change was to how I eat

Previously I ate a lot … all of the time. Otherwise I felt deprived! Now choose my my foods more carefully and the times I eat is totally different.

Basically, I eat heaps more vegetables and high quality protein … and I follow Unity Gym’s amazing intermittent fasting system. Meaning I skip breakfast, and don’t eat before 11.30 am seven days a week!!

This has made a huge change to by body!

  1. Next, I changed what I drink

I don’t drink beer anymore, and limit alcohol to only having an occasional red wine or two. Plus, I only have black coffees with no milk or sugar!

This has also really helped improve my health.

  1. Finally, I follow the FMS program and exercise five days per week

I made one decision to go to the gym everyday, which takes the everyday decision away. I have changed the mantras I use to keep motivated:

  • I love and respect myself, so do I really need to eat that right now?
  • Get use to “Diet Discomfort” … (love that one Yani Burmeister)
  • If your mind can perceive it, your body can achieve it

What Has Changed For You Now, And What Results Have You Seen?

People have noticed changes in how I look and are asking me what have I been doing to get such great results.  I can now wear singlet tops again with confidence!

A massive healthy shift has been that my goals are now much more focused on what new movement or weight I can achieve or lift, instead of just what the scales say.

I also love a routine … so coming to a gym where the team cares so much about you achieving great results they ask you to commit five days a week … really worked for me.

Also, seeing that I’m an Aged Care Placement Consultant and work on my own, going to a gym with a strong community and culture has been a really good fit too.

This all enabled me to go from a woman with no confidence and an injured shoulder, who wasn’t happy with her body, to a fit, strong and confident woman doing full body weight pull ups … totally pain free!!

Which feels amazing … woo hoo!!

What Do You Like Best About Unity Gym?

Great work-out environment, fabulous clean bathrooms, very friendly members … plus, all the trainers have incredible education and knowledge to help guide you to where you want to go.

What Would You Say To Someone On The Fence About Joining?

Just get yourself to Unity Gym! You just have to create the space in your life, and then fill it with coming here!!

No more excuses like “I don’t have time“  … because nothing will change in your body unless you make some changes in your lifestyle first.

Trust me, it’s worth it … if I can achieve the results I have in less than 12 months in my 50’s, so can you!

Is There Anything Else You’d Like To Add Personally?

Invest in yourself, you are worth it. I look forward to increasing my flexibility and strength in 2018 and I know Unity is the best gym to get me there.

The team at Unity believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you.

Are You Our Next Success Story?

Like Margo, are you possibly a little unhappy with your body? Or, are you just bored with your current gym program?

If so, maybe it’s time to try something new …

A better approach to exercise and diet that gets incredible results!

We specialise in a training program unique to Unity Gym called the Foundation Movement System (FMS) which focuses on both mobility, strength and skill development.

Using movement from traditional weightlifting, gymnastics and calisthenics and stretching and mobility training our program will not only make you look amazing … your body will function incredible well too.

No more stiff and uncomfortable joints. No more tight and injured muscles. No more weight gain.

Call (02) 9922 6161, or email to book a free fitness strategy session. We’ll discuss your goals and help you decide if our FMS program and Unity Community is a good fit for you.