Strength & Flexibility Training Combined

We help people get flexible and strong with simple, easy-to-follow programs and routines that meet you in your journey. Click and watch below to see which program is the best fit for you.

Tailored Programs Right For You



20 Minute Routine

Just getting started? Our 20-Minute Mobility Routine is for you. An easy and efficient full body mobility workout that will leave you moving and feeling great after the first try!



Flexibility Masterclass

After something more advanced? The Flexibility Masterclass is a program designed to unlock the splits, pancake and back bridge for optimal athletic performance!



UMS Tribe Membership

Experience online coaching like never before with our UMS App, integrating strength and flexibility for better results in less time so you can enjoy your best years!

Annoyed After Training Your Arse Off But Still Lacking Mobility?

Done with cookie-cutter programs that give you ‘bro-bodies’ without actually being flexible?

Sick and tired of one-dimensional workouts failing to make you move and perform better?

We created The Unify Movement System (UMS) to integrate strength, flexibility and fitness so you can move like an athlete.

Personalized To Your Goals

The UMS has been specifically designed for 35 to 45-year-old men, that have been training consistently for at least 12 months, and want better performance for things like Calisthenics, Weightlifting, MMA and Yoga! 

Our team of expert coaches work with you 1-to-1 to customize and tailor your app experience to have exactly what you need, when you need it.

Ky Hurst

Australian swimmer & Ironman Champion

I got to say I wish I found these guys much earlier in my sporting career. Great team and I’ve loved training with the crew at Unity gym. I highly recommend this for anyone at any level of fitness. Cheers boys for making me feel so welcomed.

Word On The Street About Unity Gym

Free Flexibility Blueprint

Feeling overwhelmed with all the flexibility videos on YouTube? Cut through the confusion with the flexibility blueprint.

Learn how to instantly identify whether you're at stage 1, 2 or 3 flexibility, and exactly what you need most to take your next leap forward.

  • Get Faster Results by Pairing End Range Strength with Loaded Stretching

  • Supercharge Your Workouts by Training Opposing Muscle Groups

  • Build Strength and Flexibility Together to Protect Your Joints

  • Daily Mobility: Your Key to Flexibility Success and Healthy Joints

  • Your Fitness Journey: Solving the 1000-Piece Puzzle!

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Better strength, flexibility and fitness in less time so you can enjoy your best years.

Better strength, flexibility and fitness in less time so you can enjoy your best years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Unify Movement System?

Take certain classes like yoga, pump or spin for example. Each gives a very specific result, which is why most people do them. But health isn’t one-dimensional. We believe a healthy body should be strong, flexible and fit. 

Since you can’t be in three places at once, you’re forced to choose one aspect of health and sacrifice another. The alternative to date has been to sacrifice more of your time trying to fit more classes into your schedule.

The common formula looks like this… A variety of different classes = more total workouts = less time to spend elsewhere.

That is the fundamental difference with UMS. Our formula looks like this … Unified workouts = less total workouts = more time to spend elsewhere.

By combining strength, flexibility and fitness together into a holistic 40 or 60-minute workout, UMS gives you more time that can be invested into other important things like friends, family, education or career etc.

What are the UMS principles?

The biggest killer of health and fitness goals is the ‘all or nothing’ mentality. We teach that some is always better than none and we provide a very specific blueprint to take you from where you are, to where you want to be. The UMS is designed so that however little or much you can train, we’ve got you covered. We follow the 3 traditional strength and conditioning principles that have stood the test of time.

Progressive overload - meaning, manipulate your loading variables to gradually increase the program difficulty so your body constantly adapts.

Supercompensation - meaning, stimulate, recover and repeat. But time the next dose of stimulus to capitalise on the highest peak of adaptation.

Program periodisation - meaning, vary the stimulus and training split to maximise your bodies adaptation and avoid training plateaus. 

We take these principles and boil them down into simple, easy-to-follow 40 or 60-minute workouts that all you need to do is press play and do more of what you love without pain.

What equipment is needed?

We got you - your enrolment grants you access to 2 core variations of the program, one for in-gym (when you can) and the other for when you're at home (with no equipment) so you're covered either way.

If you’re wondering what you need for the gym workouts, a squat rack, bench, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells and gymnastics rings will have you sorted.

We do NOT use fancy assisted machines that do half the work for you. 

What is the length of each session?

Each UMS workout lasts for 40 or 60 minutes in total (depending on your program). If you’re travelling or in a pinch for time, we’ve got you covered as well. Your membership comes with 3 different 20-minute express routines for exactly that.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have zero lock-in contracts. You can cancel at any time by simply emailing

Is this program for young and fit people? Am I “too old”?

This program is designed both BY and FOR people who got fit and insanely flexible as adults. In fact, the average age of our members is 42 and there are even a few in their 70's who are in the best shape of their life!So no - you're never too old, inflexible or unfit. Whatever age you’re starting at, UMS will make you younger.

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