I just finished a Fitness Strategy Session with another person wanting to lose weight for summer.

This is a pretty common goal this time of year.

One of the things I have to consider during these Fitness Strategy Sessions is physical capability and current fitness level.

Sure, it’s easy to throw people in the deep end.

Especially when they have big goals to get in shape in a few short months.

Often wanting to lose 15 or 20 kilograms.

But this isn’t always possible.


When strategizing a plan for a weight loss program we must also include strategies to maintain a healthy metabolism.

[Unsuspecting people often damage their metabolism in the pursuit of weight loss!]

Most people don’t know this … but your body will usually reduce both fat, and muscle at identical rates during a weight loss program.

Now on first thought that might not sound to bad for you. (it would look great on your bathroom scales)

BUT … for me (as a personal trainer) that’s a disaster.

Without going full science geek on you …i’ll quickly explain why.

Muscle, is what regulates your metabolism.

Got that?

Because it’s important!

This is the biggest reason why people who go on weight loss diets ALWAYS rebound and gain the weight back after a few years.

It’s a really annoying problem. (not for the the people peddling the weight loss diets! Their making a killing in return business.)

So how do you fix the problem?

More specifically … how do you lose fat, whilst preventing loss of muscle (and subsequent damage to your metabolism) at the same time?

That’s the money question right there!

You must include resistance training (weight lifting), and sufficient dietary protein into your weight loss program.

This is where most people go really wrong. And most un-experienced personal trainers fall short!

This is what we specialise in at Unity Gym. Especially during our 30 Day Health Kickstart program.

We teach participants how to meet their daily protein requirements, plus, how to exercise effectively to not only lose weight, but to tone and strengthen their muscles, and their all important, metabolism.

This brings me back to my reason for writing this article.

First we have to establish a baseline … then design the program to suit their current physical capabilities.

Now, if you day job involves sitting in a chair … and you’ve become a little rusty over the last 5 or 10 years (heck, how about 20 years!)

Then you won’t be able to perform many of the best bang-for-your-buck weight lifting exercises without exposing yourself to high levels of injury risk.

Exercises like the squat, lunge, deadlift, bench press or chin up.

The big movements that require lots of healthy muscle and burn heaps fat fuel!

This is where mobility comes into play.

The best form of physical preparation for a weight loss program is to get yourself more mobile.

Particularly in the problematic joints like your hips, lower back and shoulders.

These are all areas that are severely affected by your chair!

My advice to anyone wanting to get in shape for summer is to get started immediately … time is ticking!

My other piece of advice … as important … get help from someone who understands mobility and metabolism.

Don’t damage your metabolism in a rushed, last minute attempt to get yourself in shape. You’ll do more damage than good and you’re guaranteed to find yourself back here again this time next year.

Statistically … in worse shape than now!

Get a program that support healthy muscle development, and get a coach or trainer that can teach you how to get mobile and flexible so you don’t end up an injury statistic.

If you’re unsure where to start … then come join our 30 Day Health Kickstart program. We’ll take good care of you! There are currently 17 early bird places at 50% off the regular price available here now.

Remember, if you’re not ready to commit for 30 days yet, then you can come meet me and my team and learn ways to get yourself in shape at my Health Fast-Track Workshop. I have a limited 50 seats available and you can buy tickets here.