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[Shout Out] Thanks Ahmad Mansour for your question (“Plz we need some exercises for scapular winging”) … here you go my friend, in this video Rad walks you through a simple step by step guide for how to fix scapular winging.

We’ve done our best to provide a comprehensive follow along tutorial on how to fix winged scapula quick as an at home workout that requires almost no equipment. The only thing you will need is a gymnastics band linked below.

This video illustrates 5 of the best winging scapula exercises that will show you how to fix your shoulder issue properly.

The most common cause of scapular winging is serratus anterior paralysis. This is typically caused by damage to the long thoracic nerve. This nerve supplies the serratus anterior, which is located on the side of the thorax and acts to pull the scapula forward towards you rib cage.

If you have had an injury like a car accident that caused trauma to your long thoracic nerve then you may need surgical treatment. Although some cases of scapular winging caused by damage to the serratus anterior nerve heal on their own within a few years with the right stimulus … damage to the spinal accessory nerve usually requires surgery.

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  1.  Gymnastics Bands – Gymnastics bands are essential tools for shoulder mobility training and stretching.
  2. Foam Roller -Foam Roller is ideal for thoracic mobilisation and gentle myofascial & trigger point massage.
  3. Rumble Roller – We prefer the Rumble Roller for more intense myofascial & trigger point massage.
  4. Back BallsBack Balls are an absolutely essential tool for anyone wanting better posture and shoulder mobility.
  5. Spiky Massage Ball – A Spiky Massage ball is essential kit for trigger point and more localised muscle massage.
  6. Vibration Massage Ball – The Hypersphere Ball is the ultimate deep tissue muscle release and will level up your tissue remodelling and self massage.