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Thanks Darren Sharpe for your question (“Can you help me increase my overhead shoulder mobility”) … here you go my champion, in this video Rad walks you through a comprehensive step-by-step how to increase overhead shoulder mobility guide … if you haven’t already, make sure you also watch our latest how to fix scapular winging video here.

In this new video we’ve tried to deliver an easy to follow along shoulder mobility routine that requires very little gym equipment so you have an at home shoulder mobility routine.

This is a great series of overhead shoulder mobility exercises that includes chest mobility exercises. This shoulder mobilization routine will be extremely useful for people who do calisthenics, gymnastics or crossfit or any training that requires overhead pressing, handstands or chin/pull ups.

This video delivers some of our best overhead mobility drills with a comprehensive follow along guide to increasing thoracic mobility using the foam roller and back balls. Equipment used in this video can be picked up easily through our affiliate links below …

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As promised, all equipment used in this video has been linked below with some of our affiliate links. Purchases from our affiliates gives us a small commision which supports our channel so we can make more videos.

  1.  Gymnastics Bands – Gymnastics bands are essential tools for shoulder mobility training and stretching.
  2. Foam Roller -Foam Roller is ideal for thoracic mobilisation and gentle myofascial & trigger point massage.
  3. Rumble Roller – We prefer the Rumble Roller for more intense myofascial & trigger point massage.
  4. Back Balls –Back Balls are an absolutely essential tool for anyone wanting better posture and shoulder mobility.
  5. Spiky Massage Ball – A Spiky Massage ball is essential kit for trigger point and more localised muscle massage.
  6. Vibration Massage Ball – The Hypersphere Ball is the ultimate deep tissue muscle release and will level up your tissue remodelling and self massage.