Here’s our latest follow-along routine that will teach you how to get stronger wrists for calisthenics and gymnastics. To level up your flexibility, download our FREE Flexibility Blueprint … and remember, if you like this video and would like to see more like it, SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel.

Continuing in our popular wrist strengthening video series for the press handstand and other impressive calisthenics wrist prep. This is also a great wrist prep for the planche handstand, straight line handstand and all press handstand progressions. Wrist and hand conditioning is overlooked by most people because we want to nail your handstand, press handstand or planche as quick as possible.

But ask any gymnast or calisthenics expert and they’ll agree, wrist strengthening for handstand and wrist strengthening for calisthenics / wrist strengthening for gymnastics is ESSENTIAL!

Skip this critical calisthenics or gymnastics wrist prep and you risk serious, and annoying injury!

If you’re trying to learn how to do a handstand, press handstand or planche then this is probably your most important step. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you check out our how to do a press handstand for beginners video linked at the end of this wrist strengthening routine video.

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