How Your Brain Decides What Is Beautiful?

Beauty is thought to be in the eye of the beholder.

And I wouldn’t blame you if you agreed with that statement.

It’s what we’re lead to believe right?

What if I told you we we’re actually genetically programed to be attracted to certain factors.

Factors that were sculpted by things that actually contributed to our survival.

Many experiments have shown that there’s three (3) basic parameters that contribute to what makes us attractive.

These factors include:

  • Averaging
  • Symmetry
  • Hormonal effects

Research found that average faces are typically more attractive.

This fits with people’s intuitions … that average faces represent the central tendency of a group.

People with mixed features represent different populations … and presumably harbor greater genetic diversity and adaptability to their environment.

Therefore most people find mixed race individuals good looking, and inbred families less so.

In addition, people find symmetrical faces more attractive than asymmetrical faces.


Because developmental abnormalities are generally related to asymmetry.

In plants, animals and humans asymmetries often occur from parasitic infections.

Therefore, symmetry is an indicator of health.

The effect of hormones on our attractiveness is fairly obvious.

Research indicates that men are attracted to women with an abundance of estrogen because it indicates fertility. And men who display higher levels of testosterone are usually more appealing to women for similar reasons.

There’s also no denying that estrogen and testosterone hormones play important roles in shaping body proportions and features that we find attractive.

Like it or not, unless you change your genetic programming … there’s not much you can do about it.

Attractive features activate parts of your reward centre in the brain … triggering chemical reactions that lead to attraction.

Over the course of my career as a personal trainer I’ve found this extremely interesting … The entire health and fitness industry relies on these attractions.

People are programmed to not only fancy these basic parameters in their ideal mate, they also want to attain them for themselves for obvious reasons.

It’s why the majority of people who endeavour to get in shape are initially motivated by their body image.

After working in gyms for over 15 years, I’ve come to accept that it’s what drives the whole health and fitness industry.

But is it what leads to good health?

This is a really important question.

Because an industry built on body image, that intends to improve people’s health might be an issue…


Because at some point we may have to face the reality that we will never look like our body image ideals.

A harsh reality … yes!

But a real one.

And the quest to look our best is leading to quite serious mental health issues. And in my opinion, mental health is the number one, most important aspect of health.

Usually, poor mental health is the number one reason why people can’t successfully get in shape. Because poor mental health harbors poor relationships with self, food and exercise.

So you could say, the health industry is no longer serving the best interests of our health!

And that’s where the problem lies.

So long as we’re programmed to crave the unobtainable … and pursue the unachievable … we will remain unhealthy!

Trust me when I say, (from experience), the person with the leanest and strongest physique can often be the most unhealthy inside.

Both mentally, and physically.

So what’s the answer?

How do we achieve optimal health if the very thing that motivates us breeds ill health?

This is where we are challenging the status quo at Unity Gym.

Part of our Health Fast-Track Workshop and 30 Day Health Kick Start program is designed to help understand and overcome these issue.

We teach people how to establish goals that support daily behavior and movement skill.

Then we empower them to turn those goals into a tangible reality!

The result … higher levels of motivation, sustainable results and amazing transformations.

Both physical, and mental!

If you’ve struggled with these before, maybe you need to try a different motivator.

To your limitless success,

Yani Burmeister


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