How Member Of The Month Myza Wong Regained Her Motivation And Some

I always love, love, love (can you tell I love it?) when a client who’s struggling for motivation starts by joining our 30 Day Health Kickstart program, and then get’s awarded our member of the month.


Myza attending the Vision Intensive Workshop we hold at the commencement of the 30 Day Health Kickstart to help align new members with their lifes purpose and create a clear path to their vision and goals.

Because the 30 Day Health Kickstart is usually made up of people who are apprehensive about joining a gym. Maybe it’s because they’ve never been before, or they’ve fallen off the wagon, or have had a bad experience at some point …

In my opinion, working with motivated people who’ve won the genetic lottery, or have never really struggled with their health is pretty easy … transformations usually come naturally to such a person.

But when you achieve a breakthrough with someone who’s faced real adversity, or struggled with motivation etc. That’s where the real magic is!

And that’s why we love working with people like Myza!

Myza had lost motivation. She’d suffered a series of painful injuries and set back … then this happened …

In her own words … when asked why she joined Unity she said …

The Facebook photo that started it all …

“It all started when a photograph of myself with my husband popped up on my Facebook newsfeed one day.

“The photo was taken about 7 years ago.

“… and it struck me that I looked so happy. (Much happier than I was now.)

“In my head, I asked myself why was I so much happier?

“I’m married to the same wonderful man. I have the same beautiful daughter. We have the same fantastic friends. We have traveled a lot since this photo was taken. My career has progressed a lot.

“So why am I not as happy as I was when this photograph was taken? What was I doing then that was different?
“The answer was actually quite simple … I was exercising a lot back then.

The Unity Gym Members Support Group is a private group reserved exclusively for members. This is one way our trainers can chat and provide extra support to members outside of regular training sessions.

“In fact, I trained seven days a week! A mixture of running and weights training. And I remember that I absolutely loved it at the time. It was a part of my day-to-day routine.

“But then about 5 years ago I had what you would call a ‘series of unfortunate events’ that pretty much led me to giving it up:

  • I tore a ligament in my ankle
  • I received a bad concussion
  • Then I sprained my other ankle
  • And then yet another concussion
  • Eventually, I tore a muscle in my shoulder

“It seemed every time I started exercising again, I would injure myself!

“So I gave up exercise altogether …

“Problem was … I didn’t give up the eating!

“20 kilos and two years later, and there I was … staring at a photograph of a much happier me. Feeling extremely unhappy.

“The very next morning I called Unity Gym and spoke to Rad.

“He suggested that I come in the same day to have a tour of the gym, meet his team and if I liked it, have a fitness strategy session so we could discuss my personal situation and design a plan to get me going again.

“The next morning I was training again!”

We’ve found having accountable buddies who are constantly available for support even if you can’t make the gym is an extremely valuable asset to our members.

The real impact to her life and career from not exercising!

Wow, to think about it, it definitely had huge impact on my life.

I realise now I wasn’t as social as I used to be.

I was very low on energy and had zero confidence. My family and friends are all very fit. And I started to feel more insecure as a result. Which led me to be even more reclusive.


Revealed – the three (3) critical changes that had a huge impact!

I have definitely found my ‘Happy Place’.

Unity Gym is such a community. I really look forward to coming in every morning. When I am not at the gym, I am wishing I was at the gym doing another workout.

My three things would be.

1. Eradicate All Excuses

I made a big commitment to Rad in the beginning that I would come everyday. No matter what! Before Unity I used to make excuses to skip a session. “too tired”, or “my body hurts” … anything really.

The fact that the exercise program at Unity Gym created by brothers Rad and yourself is in nature designed to motivate you to come five days per week made a huge difference. It just felt right to come every day! And the habit was born again …


2. No More – I can’t – Attitude

Next, I promised myself that no matter what my trainer asked me to do, I would never respond with “I can’t”. I wouldn’t even think like that anymore.

I guess it really helped that the trainers are very smart and have your best interests at heart. They don’t ask you to do things above your skill or fitness level. They just know what you’re capable of and work you to your limits …


3. Weekly Meal Preparation

I meal prep now, which makes it so easy to eat better every day.

This means, using the diet plan that you gave me, I plan out my meals on a Saturday for the whole week. I then do the shopping, cook it and place my meals in the freezer. I take what I need out for the day the night before.



What changed for Myza and what improvement or results did she see as a result?

I used to be obsessed with weighing myself.

But since you guys told me to get my dexa scan, which told me my weight, I haven’t felt the need to weigh myself. I now understand that there’s so much more going on in my body that my bathroom scales won’t tell me.

I definitely know that my body has changed.

I feel so much stronger, more mobile, I have heaps more energy, and my clothes are fitting better.

Most important, I am so much happier again and I have my confidence back.


Myza has transformed herself since joining our community. Here’s what she liked best about Unity Gym.

This is a hard one …

So many things!

But the definite stand out are the trainers.

Each and everyone of them are so invested in us. I’ve only ever trained with the amazing Deeba. But I know that if I ever changed session time, or Deeba wasn’t available, any of the trainers would be able to take me through the session.

Plus, due to the incredible Foundation Movement System program, and the way each trainer follows the system perfectly, it would be to the same level, with the same amount of attention, and care (aka buttkicking), so i’d be pushed to the exact same limits as Deeba.

The system here is amazing like that!


What would Myza say to someone on the fence about joining Unity Gym?

Like the Nike slogan – “Just Do It”. You won’t regret it.

It’s definitely NOT the same old run of the mill gym out there.

They don’t sign you up and forget about you.

In fact, it’s the complete opposite!

They know everyone by first name. They make an effort to greet you with a warm, welcoming hello as you enter, and goodbye as you leave.

They all know where you are at during your training. The system they have developed is such that though you are in a group you each work on your own exercise progressions. It’s more like a personal training program than a small group.

And every trainer seems to know exactly where you’re up to in the program.

It’s all about you (the client). Your goals and being able to achieve them.

The trainers don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk too. Just check out their videos and posts on Instagram or Facebook!

They are inspiring, and they definitely help keep us all engaged and motivated.


Is there anything else you’d like to add personally?

I should add that I am definitely not an early bird. I love my little sleep ins. Sometimes I struggle to not hit that snooze button.

However, I know that once I walk through those glass doors at the gym, that for the next hour or so it’s going to be all about me. It’s my time to spend on myself. Time that I get to invest in my health and well being.

And I know that this time I am investing in myself will only serve to help me invest in others.
I also want to thank Deeba. She is such an amazing person! We don’t just interact during the sessions, she is always available to chat with me throughout the day if I need her. She has been able to push me, encourage me, and help me kickstart my journey again.


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