It’s a debatable topic … is bodybuilding healthy? Sure, exercise is essential for good health, but most bodybuilders and athletes in general take it to the extreme … pushing their bodies way past breaking point on a regular occurance chasing performance goals.

Ask any athlete … performance is usually always prioritized over health. Which begs the question, are athletes actually healthy. Is bodybuilding good for health? Is figure modelling good for health? Bodybuilding vs powerlifting, or bodybuilding vs calisthenics … or bodybuilding vs crossfit? Which is best for health? We don’t think any of these training disciplines are healthy on their own. Here me out … Specialising in anything can become problematic.

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Most injuries are what we refer to as specialisation injuries. That’s because you get them from over using certain muscles or tendons in your body from specialising in certain practices or sports. That’s the reality. Most injuries would be avoided with more variety.

Simple! So the answer is … it should be a mix of all disciplines if you want better health and tissue quality. That’s why we mix weightlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics and mobility training in our Foundation Movement System program.

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