Why The New Deficit Day Nutrition System Is The Secret Ingredient

And How It Lead To A Massive 12 Kg Weight Loss For April’s Member Of The Month!

You’ve probably heard by now that we’ve rolled out what we believe to be the best new nutrition system we’ve ever tried for guaranteeing better health and very impressive weight loss.

Seriously, Yani hasn’t shut up about it!

If you’ve read through the articles in this newsletter you may have noticed a recurring theme. There’s mention of it in Yani’s most recent Holistic Health Circle cover letter, he’s also published a case study article about professional actor Lincoln Younes’ and his successful preparation for an important new acting role where he bares all (you need to read the article for more details).

But Linc is a pro actor. He’s got incredibly strong motivation for sticking to a diet and completing a lifestyle transformation program, right?

So where does that leave you?

The average punter who doesn’t necessarily want his picture plastered all over TV or the silver screen?

Here’s our advice …

You should get really excited about this.

Today I’d like to share a story about our good friend Cedric.

Cedric decided he wanted a big improvement in his health and body composition this year. He had experienced mixed results in the past and even decided to leave Unity Gym after a very promising start in January 2016.

After six months going backwards, gaining more weight, and feeling much worse in general, Cedric made the decision to come back to Unity and in January when I begun rolling out the new deficit day nutrition system with a few other clients, like Linc previously mentioned, with a little apprehension, Cedric jumped on board.

His results have been incredible!

At our last chat he had lost around 12 kilograms and gained heaps of strength and mobility. Although we’re still waiting for his follow up D.E.X.A scan, initial results are astonishing. This new nutrition system really does work!

Feeling much healthier in general, we asked cedric to share in his inspiring story in his own words.

“I have a bad natural tendency to totally let it go when not committed to a specific training and nutrition program. At which point I don’t exercise at all anymore and my diet goes crazy, so does my size… I know there is great trainers at Unity with a method I enjoy.

“The unique program makes it quite easy to stay committed and motivated.

“The thing I like most about it is that It’s a very well balanced program. Everyone experiences holistic improvements in health, including fitness, strength, flexibility, mobility and diet.

“In regards to results, I originally I started way back in September 2014, and through to 2015 I achieved great results. But then lost some focus and due to a variety of reasons didn’t exercise a lot in 2016. I re-started seriously again in November and since then I have lost around 10 to 12 kilograms. I have gotten much leaner and stronger, and just feel much better in general!

“At Unity Gym I really like the fact we are not working with machines like in regular gyms. It implies we understand better the movements we are doing and better understand how our body is working. The trainers are fun and really care about your progress.

(A shame one of  the owner keeps that bun growing on his head though … jokes!)

“In my opinion, I would you say to someone on the fence to give it a genuine try. It is a different way to take care of your health than the classical gyms. Accept the difference and see the results by yourself after a few weeks.

“P.s. I’ll have more news in December when I am voted Member of the year … 😉

It’s not unlikely that Cedric will be in the running for member of the year. He has done a full 180 degree turn in regards his health and motivation, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to coach him through the journey!

Be like Cedric.

Be proactive and get yourself started!

P.s. If you’d like some more info about the deficit day diet click this link – 30 Day Kickstart Program.