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We live to deliver happiness. We love personal training. We also love to move and we practice the Foundation Movement System every day. Our team knows exactly what it feels like to achieve a high level of movement skill and overall health.

Our team were specially hand picked, not only for their personal training knowledge and education but for their passion to deliver happiness through optimal movement.

We are friendly, approachable and here to support you.

We teach people how to be healthy to make the world a better place.

Yani Burmeister

Director, Lifestyle Engineer

Yani grew up with brother Rad in country NSW. Raised on organic food grown locally on their farm, they were educated on healthy eating and living from a very young age. At age 8 whilst riding his horse home from school Yani had a horrific accident, falling and breaking his wrist and back.

The experience and subsequent rehabilitation gave him a newfound respect for exercise, which eventually lead him to the health and fitness industry.

At age 24, after working extensively to repair his own body Yani was encouraged to change careers and become a personal trainer by his brother.
In 2004, the two joined forces to launch their own PT business, Global Fitness Personal Training.

Yani has been active throughout his life playing soccer, rugby league and ammeter boxing until the age of 30. During this time he was known to push his body to the limits, often beyond breaking point.

As a result, he suffered a series of serious injuries in addition to his horse-riding fall, including labarum tears in his shoulders, ligament tears in his knees as well as severed tendons in his shins. Yani’s personal experiences have helped to forge his extensively knowledge on anatomy and rehabilitation theory, which has become an asset to the personal training business.

Mastering the art of overcoming life’s set back has empowered Yani to specialize in positive mindset coaching and physical movement practices that are required to achieve incredible body transformations. Using these skills and experience, together with brother Rad, developed the Foundation Movement System, which is one of the most comprehensive and holistic exercise programs available.

The Last chapter of your life hasn’t been written yet!

Rad Burmeister

Lifestyle Engineer

Rad grew up in the northern NSW countryside with his family. During this time he developed a deep connection with nature. Growing up in a small community had a lasting impact on the man his is today.

The experience became a pivotal moment, altering his approach to exercise forever.

As a teenager, at age 17 Kung Fu became his obsession. However, at age 19 he sustained a life changing injury, tearing his (Lanfranc) ligament in the right foot. The severity of completely rupturing the largest and highest load-bearing ligament of the foot required reconstructive surgery to repair.

Post surgery Rad adopted a more cautious approach to his own exercise, developing a higher degree of respect for a progressive training process and also a high level of admiration for educated practitioners.

Rad’s steadfast approach to rehabilitation and education lead to a miracle (full) recovery, (in the words of his surgeon), allowing him to continue with his Kung Fu training, with little – if any – ongoing complications. Identifying a consistent trend in his physical hobbies, At age 27 Rad made the decision to became a personal trainer, and along with his brother Yani, founded Global Fitness Personal Training in 2004.

Three years into the partnership Rad sought personal development that business couldn’t provide, and at age 30, chose to join the army as an Infantry Soldier. After 4 years of service and three overseas deployments Rad re-joined his brother to launch Unity Gym in 2013.

As an infantry soldier, often deployed to remote jungles and forced to hump on foot carrying upwards of 60 kilograms of military gear for days he was coerced to find unconventional ways to exercise.

During these deployments he grew extremely fond of calisthenics, or body weight training methods, which required minimal equipment. A simple set of gymnastics rings fit easily into his pack, and provided everything he needed to remain strong.

Rad has since developed an obsession with movement practices that disrupts the status quo. A passion that has helped to forge the Foundation Movement System now used at Unity Gym.

Reasons or results, you can only have 1 of the 2 … and only results don’t lie

Richard Lelys

Lifestyle Engineer

Richard has always passionate about health and fitness, he played sport and kept active consistently throughout his childhood. He joined the Australian Army at just 19 yrs old and after 6 months of gruelling training was posted to Townsville (2RAR) as an Infantry Soldier, where he first met Rad.

Richard and Rad served together in East Timor for 9 months on peacekeeping operations. Richard was also deployed to Afghanistan where he helped with mentoring the Afghan National Army in a combat setting. Serving in the Australian Army for 5 years has given him great experience using different training methods, enduring some of the toughest and most physically demanding training the Army has to offer.

A beacon for the Unity Gym core values, immediately after leaving the army Richard was headhunted by Company director Rad Burmeister and invited to join the team as a personal trainer. For the next 3 years he was mentored by Rad and Yani developing his leadership and movement skills through the Foundation Movement System personal training program.

Richard lives with passion and purpose and his gentle, friendly, down to earth nature makes him a sought after personal trainer and a welcomed personal training leader of the Unity Gym team.

We make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong, the amount of work is the same

Kaliesha Gennoe

Lifestyle Engineer

Kaliesha has a passion for preparing women for motherhood and labour. Since having her first baby in 2015 Kaliesha has made it her personal mission to learn and understand the needs of pre and post natal pregnancy training and has become the Unity Gym resident trainer for women of all ages and fitness levels.

Kaliesha attributes much of her natural and healthy birthing experience to her incredibly high level of physical strength and the mental conditioning that comes from regular and consistent strength and mobility training.

She has always had a keen interest in health and fitness, knowing the benefits it has had on her personal quality of life. Since joining the Unity Gym personal training family, Kaliesha has enjoyed a holistic, balanced lifestyle training in the Foundation Movement System personal training program.

As one of Unity Gyms senior personal trainers Kaliesha combines technical skill with positive philosophies to help create a supportive environment for you; from the moment you enter the gym. Having previous experience as a chiropractic assistant, she knows that healing and change really do start at the front door.

Don’t start a diet that has an expiration date; focus on a lifestyle that will last forever.

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