We Help Driven People

Turn Superhumanly strong, flexible and athletic.

We’re obsessed with movement and health.

We live and breath this shit! If you want to train with coaches who’ve walked the path before you, join our tribe. We’re not perfect, but we’re extremely passionate about getting you, our tribe - results.

Yani Burmeister

- Director

My purpose is to help driven people excel in health and physical performance. As a child I broke my back falling from a horse, and as a young adult, a battle with drugs and depression almost killed me! Exercise was my saviour, helping me shift from destructive to constructive habits.

I believe everyone has the power to achieve their true potential! But it starts with a healthy body.

The fitness industry is backwards, your body should be measured by how you perform and feel, not just how you look! Two decades of experience has enabled me to develop a level of consciousness that has taken my movement practice far beyond just aesthetics.

I’m proud of my achievements and I’m humbled with the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with my team and tribe.

Rad Burmeister

- Director

My purpose is to become one of the worlds best movers and teach what I learn.

Before becoming an infantry soldier in the Australian Army I abused drugs and alcohol. The army helped break my habits, and exercise helped me transform my life. I believe everyone has the ability to transform themselves with the right coaching and support.

Most personal trainers are obsessed with how they look, punishing the body they dislike to achieve the body they want.

Often they treat their clients the same way! My passion has always been movement. 25 years of experience has cultivated a strong belief that health is measured by how your body performs and feels, not just how it looks!

I’m proud to say that I don’t get people to diet and exercise, I teach my tribe to nourish and move!

Richard Lelys

- Partner

My Purpose is to pass on the knowledge and experience I have gained with exercise to help guide people to achieving better health and performance.

Playing Soccer as a child, lifting weights as a teenager and serving as an infantry soldier in the Army, exercise has always been a huge part of my life, helping make me the person I am today.

I believe when you exercise it should be with meaning and intent. Don’t be one of those people that brainlessly go through the motions. Be focused and have purpose!

Eat with purpose too! Your diet should compliment your body, not hinder it. I teach my tribe how to consume what their body actually needs over choosing to eat what their emotions crave.

Working hard is important but having fun along the way is too.

You're With Us If

You're done with cookie cutter programs that give you ‘bro- bodies’ without actually being strong.

Sick and tired of one dimensional workouts that fail to make you move and perform better.

Had enough of programs that leave you stiff and injured instead of supple and unstoppable.

Most people train hard but don’t get the results they want. We created The Unify Movement System to balance strength, flexibility and fitness so you can move like an athlete.

The Key To Peak Performance

Athletic performance requires overcoming weak links in the body, whilst balancing strength, flexibility and fitness.

Our UMS program customises the workout to the individual, making group training personalised, so it’s more like 1:1 coaching. With kickass workouts that make expert coaching affordable our tribe get the support they need without spending a fortune!

By unifying strength, flexibility and fitness our program and customer centric facility delivers superior results – combined with how we incorporate calisthenics and gymnastics we turn driven people into athletes.