#003 Tom Cartwright

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#003 Tom Cartwright
Sound of Movement

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Round back vs straight back … what’s your take on posture when lifting weights?

In this episode of the SOM podcast physical therapist and chiropractor Tom Cartwright joins the discussion to talk about his take on spinal integration as we tackle the big issues around form, particularly when lifting heavy weights.

Tom isn’t just our go-to resident physical therapist … he’s also experienced the life of a professional athlete … and he walks the walk … exercising in the gym five days per week.

He’s strong, he looks the part and he’s a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to spinal care and soft tissue therapies.

From ART and manipulation, to needles and lasers … we talk about the amazing variety of techniques Tom uses to keep us (Rad, Yani, Richard and Kaliesha), and his clients active, fit and healthy.