#005 Daniel Radford

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#005 Daniel Radford
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Health is obviously affected by what we put in our bodies. From the foods we eat, to wine we drink … there’s good, bad and downright terrible.

Today we’re talking healthy wine with special guest @Daniel Radford, Director of Cuttings Wine Merchants. He passionate about educating people to understand wine, and specialises in Organic and Biodynamic wines and craft beers.

Some Topics Covered:

Organic & Biodynamic Wines
Why Single Vineyard Wines Are Best
Critical Key Points For Wine To Be Vegan
Simple Things You Can Do To Drink Healthier Wines
Exciting Announcement About Dan & Unity Gym Collaboration Dan travels the world sourcing only the best products for his portfolio and knows a thing or two about it.

Today’s discussion uncovered the key benefits to drinking good quality wines, including organic, biodynamic and normal, mass produced.

We also discussed the differences between sourcing grapes from large multi vineyard and single vineyard producers. If you’re a wine lover, you don’t want to miss this.

Check Out Cuttings Wine Merchants here:

Stay tuned to the end as Rad and I review an important muscle hypertrophy study that’s beneficial for both beginner and experienced lifters.

Study curtesy of Coach by Tony Boutagy

Todays Study Review Effects of different intensities of resistance training with equated volume load on muscle strength and hypertrophy (European Journal of Sport Science)