#004 Phil White

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#004 Phil White
Sound of Movement

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Ever wanted to know the best exercise strategies for injury rehab?
Or what’s the difference between tendonopathy and a muscle tear?

Should you exercise or rest after injury?

The answers will surprise you!

In todays SOM episode Phil and Yani discuss injuries, their take on the right entry points and the best strategies for the most common sporting and gym related injuries.

If you’ve ever suffered an annoying overuse (specialisation) injury or a severe muscle trauma or tear, this is a must see episode!

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Make sure you tune in next episode – we’re talking healthy wine. Yes, you heard that right … we’re talking wine, and more specifically … the important differences between organic, biodynamic and regular wine … with our good friend Daniel Radford from Cuttings Wine Merchants.

If you are a wine drinker you absolutely do not want to miss this!