Ep.006 Sebastian Oreb

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Ep.006 Sebastian Oreb
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Strong – Interview With Powerlifting Champion After Breaking 3 Australian Records. Level up your performance by improving your flexibility. *** Download our Mobility Blueprint

Today we were lucky to have Sebastian Oreb from Australian Strength Coach join the discussion to talk about everything from:

  • The No.1 priority for improved sports performance
  • Training and competing at the highest level
  • Optimal bench pressing technique
  • Daily habits and rituals for success
  • Finding your intrinsic motivation
  • Nutrition for peak performance
  • The importance of your tribe
  • Knowledge vs experience
  • Family and work life balance

To what it’s been like traveling the world coaching Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (@thorbjornsson) … The World’s Strongest Man 2018, Arnold Classic Champion 2018, 4 x Europe’s Strongest Man and 8 x Iceland’s Strongest Man.

Coming of the back of competing at the national powerlifting championships over the weekend (literally two days ago), where he broke the all Australian bench pressing record with a 240kg [529.109 pounds] bench press (NEW AUS Record), 372.5 squat [821 pounds] (NEW AUS Record) and a deadlift of 327.5kg [722 pounds] … with a total of 940kg’s (NEW AUS Record) [2072.35 pounds].

Importantly, he had a perfect 9/9 day, meaning he didn’t miss a lift on the day.

In the video we discuss his unusual prep for this comp, leading to such an impressive, record breaking result.

If you want to get strong … this is definitely not an episode you to miss!

Find more about #thestrengthsystem here: https://australianstrengthcoach.com/ Follow @australianstrengthcoach


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