Ep.008 – Brad Gerlach, Former Pro Surfer & Wave Ki Founder

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Ep.008 – Brad Gerlach, Former Pro Surfer & Wave Ki Founder
Sound of Movement

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Pro Surfer Brad Gerlach Joins Us In A Tell All Interview – Level up your performance by improving your flexibility. *** Download our Mobility Blueprint http://bit.ly/beginnerstretchroutine 

Today on the Sound Of Movement Podcast we had former pro surfer Brad Gerlach.

We discussed his experiences as world number #1 ranked pro surfer and his biggest wipe out surfing a wave over 50 feet! (worth listening just for his big wave … big women analogy! 🤣🤣🤣) We also talk about his experiences training with Ido Portal and the influence that has had on his training.

Plus we dive into his recent transition to intermittent fasting after training with Rad and Yani at Unity Gym, what that has done to his mindset and the impact on his overall health.

We bring this in for a landing with Brad disclosing the launch of his amazing new Wave Ki program. This is a EPIC interview filled with amazing insights. Hope you enjoy.

▶ For more info about Brad’s new surf specific strength and conditioning program check out @waveki on Instagram.


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