Ep.009 – Shona Vertue, Author Of The Vertue Method Book

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Ep.009 – Shona Vertue, Author Of The Vertue Method Book
Sound of Movement

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Interview with shona vertue, David Beckham’s trainer and author of the Vertue Method *** Download our Mobility Blueprint http://bit.ly/beginnerstretchroutine *** SUBSCRIBE to see epic interviews streamed live on Youtube: http://bit.ly/UnityGymChannel

Unity-V Ep.009 – Interview With Shona Vertue (Author) “The Vertue Method” and personal trainer to celebrities like David Beckham among many others …

Today we had Shona join the conversation for an epic Unity-V Live stream and recording of the Sound Of Movement Podcast.

Topics for today’s discussion were:

  1. How she built her online personal training empire
  2. Her history with gymnastics, yoga and strength training
  3. Finding her intrinsic motivation and the shift in her training style
  4. Her experiences with intermittent fasting and why she loves it!!
  5. The monumental launch of her new book “The Vertue Method”

The interview will also be available on our ‘Youtube Channel’ and ‘Sound Of Movement’ podcast (iTunes & Stitcher) next week.

Massive thank you to Shona for her time and energy today. This was a fantastic show!

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