People often ask me what I like to take prior to training to get me ready. My answer is pretty boring, a triple shot long black from Gina at Citrus and Spice. This usually does the trick!

Incredibly, even given all the research on what actually works people still throw so much money down the drain on pre-workout fat burners.

So I decided to take a closer look at what’s on the market and I was astonished at what I found. Hyper FX, Ultimate Thermo FUEL, Hydroxy-Cut, Anadro, Redline, Lipo 6, CAPSI Ultra Thermo, Opti-Burn, GoBro, ESP, Beast, Matrix Hyper Cuts, BRN, INSYNER8, T5Ultimate, s-500, Detonate, Eat The Bear, Black Widow 25, HIT Fat Burner, Side Effect, Shred-X, Caffein+, Hard Core Pre Workout, Hyper Lean, BPI B4, LIV Hybrid and Swollen just to name a few available on the market.

Yes, you read that right, one of these products is actually called Side Effect! (WTF?)

To answer the question, “Do they really work?”, I’ve sourced a fantastic article from my good friends at The Boutagy Fitness Institute.

In his recent blog post, Tony Boutagy sheds scientific light on the debate about Pre-workout Fat Burners. This is a must read if you’ve fallen victim to the hype!