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The 6-Week Peak Performance Program

The 6-Week Peak Performance Program will revolutionize your training efficiency to give you EXACTLY what you need to achieve massive increases in strength, flexibility and fitness whilst getting in the best shape of your life.

Optimize Your Body In Just 6 Weeks

If you’re already training this program will unlock athletic performance unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Whether you're smashing through a plateau or persuing movement mastery, the 6 week peak performance program will revolutionize your training, nutrition and recovery so you outperform your 20 year old self.

We've removed all guesswork by giving you a complete A - Z program with everything conveniently laid out to GUARANTEE you achieve impressive results.

UMS: 6-Week Peak Performance Program

UMS: 6-Week Peak Performance Program

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Whether you're smashing through a plateau or pursuing movement mastery, this program will revolutionize your training, nutrition and recovery so you can unlock performance you never thought possible.

  • 1:1 Coaching Calls: so you get the support you need for every phase - $225
  • Introduction Course: to teach everything you need for optimal results - $147
  • Private Coaching Group: so you can ask questions and get support - $591
  • Daily Group Coaching: with 4 expert coaches to boost accountability - $4,500
  • Home Workouts: to build strength, flexibility & fitness at home - $591
  • Gym Workouts: to build strength, flexibility & fitness in the gym - $591
  • Running Accelerator: to condition & optimize your running fitness - $297
  • Nutrition Academy: to maximize metabolism & protein synthesis - $497
  • Mobility Routine: to release muscle tension & boost your recovery - $97

Total value = $7,536

Don't miss this incredible program that comes 100% results guaranteed.

  • Downloadable Resources
  • Expert Online Coaching
  • Complete Fitness System

Take A Look Inside

The 6-Week Peak Performance Program

1:1 Coaching Call

Three additional monthly zoom calls with one of our expert coaches to answer any personal questions about your training, nutrition, recovery and lifestyle that you have to ensure you feel supported every step of the way.

Introduction Course

Ten comprehensive video lessons carefully designed to get you up to speed in just 45-minutes, so you know exactly what you need to get optimal results, including how to use every component of this kickstart course.

Private Coaching Group

Where our team of expert coaches hang out daily to keep you motivated, accountable and on track whilst answering questions and dropping knowledge bombs to keep you up to date with the latest research, tips and hacks to get more out of your training.

Group Coaching Calls

With four expert coaches and physiotherapists streamed live Monday to Friday in the private coaching group to provide in depth exercise and technique coaching, feedback and to answer all your program related questions.

Home Workouts

Modeled off our successful UMS Home Workouts launched in 2020, these are 4-day per week workouts designed to build strength and flexibility in perfect balance from the comfort of your own home with zero equipment.

Gym Workouts

Modeled off our successful UMS Gym Workouts launched in 2020, these are 4-day per week workouts designed to build strength and flexibility in perfect balance for those with access to a gym or home gym equipment.

Nutrition Academy

A progressive intervention that harnesses the best of modern nutrition science to optimize your metabolic flexibility for fat burning, protein synthesis for muscle building and gut health for better immunity, whilst teaching you the five key elements to a healthy diet.

Running Accelerator

A super effective interval program that harnesses both aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular exercise designed for beginner through to intermediate levels to condition your body, burn fat and improve your running fitness.

Mobility Routine

Based on our wildly successful 18-Minute Stretching Routine, this routine has been specifically designed to help release post workout muscle tension and boost your recovery so you get the most out of every workout.

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Once your spot is secured you'll recieve an invitation to access the program on our platform. Convenient and easy to use on any device so you can train anywhere, anytime.

Surround Yourself With Experts, Trainers & Tribe

Your enrollment includes access to our private Coaching Group where we conduct regular Q&A's, provide critique and coaching to your uploads and provide access to a team of highly specialised team members who will keep you progressing through the program.

What Our Tribe Are Saying


Long before the spinal mobility class was even available, just doing the 1-2 minutes of spinal waves in the warmup fixed a sore point in the centre of my back that had been with me for 2 years.

If you’re serious about getting strong and flexible, Foundations is just about the most efficient use of your time to get there.


Via Facebook


Whether you’re an experienced gym goer or new, what I have appreciated with the Foundations course is that it provides a framework for you to assess and identify your weak links.

Particularly, if you haven’t done calisthenics or gymnastics training before (despite being a gym rat for years), you will find your body moving in ways it may never have been required to do so before.


Via Facebook


UMS has not only made me pain free but I’m stronger, more flexible, sleep better and I’m able play with my children without popping pain killers.

Plus, the daily coaching calls are worth the subscription fee alone. The knowledge the guys pass out is mind blowing. I’ve been training for a long time and I’m still picking up knowledge everyday. 


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Even as someone who had been a constant gym goer for over a decade I found it both challenging and rewarding. After 10 years of standard gym training I had tightness and weakness in areas that I did not even know about.

The exercises are challenging for any level of fitness and a great way to set your body up for long term success.


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Last year I had lower chronic back pain to the point I thought I wouldn't be able to even work anymore let alone work out. Doing the Foundations course not only helped fix my back such that it hasn't been this strong for as long as I can remember (it started playing up in my teens 33 years ago) but also help to start and continue the correction of my posterior hip tilt and poor upper posture.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A comprehensive, end-to-end training system specifically designed to get you in the best shape of your life and achieve peak performance.

Your enrollment includes 4 x weekly follow-along workout routines, on top of cardio, fat burning and nutrition plans, protocols and interventions specifically tailored to complement the training to maximise your results.

The daily coaching by the Unity Team is delivered via a private Facebook group. Inside of which we go live daily to answer questions and give you the latest insights, thoughts and group feedback, as well as critique any content you submit and help you progress however we can.

Absolutely. This program focuses on maximizing your workout efficiency so that you're getting far more done in way less time - perfect for busy professionals or anyone who doesn't have endless time to train.

All you need is just 1 hour training blocks, 3 times per week - that's it.

We got you - your enrolment grants you access to 2 core variations of the program, one for in-gym (when you can) and the other for when you're at home (with no equipment) so you're covered either way.

Yes, our kickstart program will get you up to speed in no time flat, and each routine and movement come with progressions and regressions to suit those just getting started while still challenging even the fittest and most experienced athletes.

Yes, you will follow the same UMS principles to develop strength, flexibility and fitness that we use in all our UMS programs.

This program is designed both BY and FOR people who got fit and insanely flexible as adults.

In fact, the average age over our members is 42 and there's even a few in their 70's who are in the best shape of their life!

So no - you're never too old, inflexible or unfit - the UMS is literally moneyback guaranteed to help you get amazing results regardless.