I Had A Shocker Start To My Day Today … [Important Lesson Inclosed]

And What Happened Reminded Me Why It’s So Important To Plan & Prepare Yourself!

After a late night putting the finishing touches on the Vodafone proposal for Rad, I tried to sleep in a little. A natural impossibility … with Koby (my 2 year old son) in the apartment!

After dragging myself out of bed, I did my usual morning routine to get motivated.

Morning affirmations, five minutes of meditation … and a little light reading on the toilet … which is usually the only quiet time I get in the morning … (Don’t tell Kaliesha)

I’m currently I’m reading ‘Talk Like Ted’ by Carmine Gallo. (superb book!)

Things were looking good for a solid start to the day. Even tho I only got six hours on the pillow.

Then I got a call from Rad that turned my plan upside down. Long story, but the result was me feeling frustrated and stressed.

Here we go again I thought …

As you guys know, I struggle to manage stress and anxiety at the best of times.

I’m a sucker for planning and when things don’t go to plan, I tend to get frustrated.

I know, I know … it’s my own BS head trash … but I’m working on it.

No one’s perfect right?

Thing is … it’s amazing how stifled I got. Even with my level of emotional intelligence.

If I didn’t know how to manage my energy and motivation, I’d never get anything done.

Honestly, I don’t know how I used to cope without the tools and hacks I use daily to keep myself on track.

Here’s something I learned recently that you’ll all benefit from.

Everything that you spend a thought on during your waking hours has the potential to sap your energy.

I’m not talking hairy fairy crap here. I’m talking basic physiology.

Even reading this right now will sap some energy!

Seriously … although I’d love you to read on, I’m not going to lie … just thinking about stuff uses important brain glucose.

And eventually, once you’ve invested all your brain’s glucose throughout the day … decision making will become very, very hard!

This is one of the main reasons why we end up making silly decisions.

Decisions that lead to afternoon cake or muffins when you’re trying to lose weight.

Decisions that cause you to blow up at your girlfriend or partner over nothing …

Research conducted by a clever guy called Roy Baumeister (no he’s not my cousin!), published in his brilliant book “Willpower” … has proven how even when doing small tasks, the levels of brain glucose were seriously depleted.

Remember, glucose is effectively sugar.

We turn most foods into glucose through digestion and metabolization, and then use it for fueling various parts of our body.

I’ll save the full blown science lesson for another day …

But I found it really helpful to know just how the body uses this stuff. And what effect it has on our decision making if we deplete it.

Because this has the potential to really throw a curveball to our productivity and mental health!

So what can, and should you do to protect your willpower?

First Things First.

Minimise the decisions you have to make throughout the day.


Everything counts …

Remember Baumeister’s ground breaking research. Even the smallest tasks will tax you.

So don’t set yourself up for failure.

Remember this saying Rad once shared with me from his time in the Army!

I think it’s gold …

“Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance!”

Even simple things like:

  • Laying out your clothes for the day ahead the night before
  • Reducing little digital distraction throughout your day
  • Planning and preparing your meals ahead of time

… will have a HUGE impact on your willpower and productivity and ability to dodge the donut!

Another great health and fitness hack I teach our 30 Day Health Kickstarters is that whilst you’re building a habit of daily exercise, get it done early in the day, before Mr Willpower is exhausted.

You’re much less likely to skip gym if you do!

Now I have refined it down to five (5) super simple lifestyle productivity hacks that I use to keep myself motivated and crushing my goals.

Seriously, how else do you think a guy who suffers quite debilitating depression, and at one stage was addicted to drugs and alcohol, has launched and scaled a successful personal training business.

Trust me folks … if I can do it … anyone can do it!

Start by protecting your willpower.

Because your productivity and motivation depends on it!

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