June Member Of The Month – CEO And All Round Great Bloke Shares His Story Of Regaining His Health, Gaining Heaps Of Strength & Flexibility, Whilst Losing 7 Kg’s In Two And A Half Months.

He’s been training in gyms on and off for over 20 years. During that time he found himself doing the same old workouts, involving the same old programs … usually some weights or resistance training followed by a few spin classes.

Naturally bored of the routine and looking to try something new Lachie longed for a gym that would not only challenge him physically but also challenge him mentally.

“I actually wanted to learning new things about my health.”

Said Lachlan.

“I had been following Unity Gym via their Facebook page and was really keen to learn about the programs that Rad and Yani had created … (yes Yani – content marketing works!!)”

​Roughly two years ago Lachie started a new business and it was all encompassing. Also being a single Dad meant his health was de-prioritised as he focused on his daughter and new business more and more.

Sound familiar to anyone else?

Lachie said,

“… as a result, my health suffered big time!”

“I put on a bit of weight and my sleeping was pretty irregular. I felt drained. About 3 months ago I made the proactive decision to make my health my number one priority and hence why i decided to join Unity gym.”

When interviewing clients for member of the month, I always like to start with asking what 3 things did they change in their life that had the biggest impact.

Off-the-bat, this always provides some great action-ables for our readers … (so pay attention)

​Lachie says, I’ve changed a few things since joining:

Number one, I now allocate time to my health every day by blocking out my calendar in advance so I can train.

We’ll jump back in here briefly … because this highlights an important point.

One of the many ways we’re challenging the status quo is that we don’t offer flexible training programs like most gyms. One of the most important things about exercise is to build a habit loop where exercise becomes a naturally occurring part of your lifestyle.

We do it by aligning exercise with your profession. The more you work, the more you workout. NOT the other way around!

Here’s the thing folks, this is one of the key reasons why we get such amazing results.

We align your levels of work and stress with your levels of play and rest. That’s the big secret!

In a nutshell, we emphasise lifestyle balance.

Because the concept of the 24 hour model “train on your terms” (I believe) ads to the big problem. Which is, as Lachie has mentioned, that health is being de-prioritised.

Now back to the man himself …

“Second, I’ve introduced your unique deficit day diet into my weekly routine which has been much easier than I thought.”

For those wondering, the deficit day diet is a nutrition system we adopted from my friend Tony Boutagy that leverages the incredibly healthy power of intermittent fasting. Put into a formula that aligns brilliantly with the busy corporate executive lifestyle. It’s working incredibly well to reduce body fat, repair cells and boost cognitive function.

Overall, our clients are performing much better at work and in health. It’s worth looking into.

More details can be found here in our 120 minute Health Kickstart Workshop.

“Finally, number three is that I’ve tried to be more present in all my everyday life.​”

We love this. One of the things we teach new members in our program is a technique called Connection.

Connection refers to the act of being mindful and connecting to and appreciating the present moment for the miracle it is. When practiced daily it will become an extremely powerful tool for avoiding stress and anxiety.

What has changed for you now, and what improvement/results have you seen?

“​In the two and half months I’ve been training at Unity Gym I’ve lost about 7 kgs of fat (mainly around my waist and back), i’ve put on lean muscle and i’m now much stronger than i have been in 15 years.”

What do you like best about Unity Gym, the facility and the team?

“I really like the unique exercise FMS program that trainer Richie takes me through on a daily basis.

“The style of training (encompassing weight training, mobility, flexibility and nutrition) has really invigorated me and i look forward to going to the gym every day.

“The other thing that impresses me is that all of the trainers at the gym know every single member by name and say hello to them as they walk in. It makes me feel like I’m part of an awesome community!”

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining?

“​If I was to chat to someone who’s thinking about joining Unity Gym, I would strongly suggest to make an appointment with Rad.

“Come into the gym and let him tell you about why he and his brother Yani have developed the FMS and TRIBUS (Motivation, movement and nutrition) programs. They’re so passionate. It’s more than just exercise. They’re on a mission!

“Honestly, before joining Unity Gym I had never met fitness professionals who are so invested in their clients success and they practice what they preach.

“If you want to be impressed, go check out the team training in the afternoons!

Is there anything else you’d like to add personally?

“​I’d personally like to thank Richie. He has made my training fun and is super knowledgable about what he is telling and showing me. He also makes me laugh about how much he knows about science fiction movies …”